Yarn-Wrapped Christas Trees

Just in case any of you are still adding last-minute Christmas decorations (like me!) I have a quick and easy craft for you today! These yarn-wrapped Christmas trees are so simple, your kids could easily make their own.

Yes, you read that right–this is a DIY CRAFT.  Now don’t worry, I’m not about to go all crafty on you. Sewing is still my thing. But something about Christmas brings out the glue gunner in me and I can’t help but start stamping letters, wrapping yarn, and spray painting things. It’s just in my blood, so I might as well share some of it with you here! Anything crafty you get from me will be simple with few supplies, because that’s the way I roll.

So, you wanna make some yarn-wrapped trees before the family comes over on Christmas day? It’s easy!


  • Foam cone. These can be found at Joanne’s or Michael’s in the floral section.
  • Yarn
  • Hot glue
  • White felt
  • Small Christmas ball (mine was about 1 1/2″ in diameter)


  1. Secure the yarn to the bottom of the foam cone with a drop of hot glue.
  2. Wrap the yarn around the cone until all the white is covered. Rather than wrapping it in neat little lines, let the yarn criss-cross. Add little dabs of hot glue occasionally while you wrap to keep things in place, if necessary (optional). Do not wrap the tip of the cone with yarn. Do not cut or tie off the yarn yet.
  3. Dig a little hole in the top of the foam cone for your Christmas ball. Insert the top part of the ball into the foam cone. Secure with hot glue if necessary.
  4. Wrap more yarn around the base of the Christmas ball until all the white is covered, then either tie off the yarn and cut, or secure the end with a drop of hot glue. 
  5. Cut a circle of white felt to cover the bottom of your foam cone and secure with hot glue. 
So far I’ve made two trees: one with red sparkly yarn and one with an awesome pom-pom yarn I found on sale at Joannes. The pom-poms turned this into a snow-covered Christmas tree:
I didn’t even need to use hot glue on this pom-pom tree because the yarn stuck to the foam, making this a five minute project. I just love quick and easy projects!
My kids reeeeally love these trees. They are the perfect little decoration to add some variation or color. For example, my color scheme this year is white and gold, which is beautiful for the most part. But for a little pop of Christmas color, this red tree came in handy. Plus, it’s a fun way to use these little sparkly Christmas balls I love so much. Win win! 
Tomorrow or the next day I’ll have some child-proof ways for your to display those glass Christmas balls you love so much. Mine are always being pulled off the tree (and thrown across the room, ahem) so I had to get creative this year. 
Merry Christmas and happy crafting!