Why this is never a waste of time:

I had all the intention of starting this week out with a tutorial, but alas, I was defeated by a cold that has stolen my energy AND my voice. I know I don’t need my voice to write tutorials but I do need to think straight and that I cannot do right now.


So to cheer myself up I’m showing you adorable pictures of my daughter. What could be a better way to start the week?

These photos are proof of my sewing mantra: It is NEVER a waste of time to sew a dress for my little girl.

I spent a lot of time last year making dresses for Abby-girl who will be turning 2 next month (!!!).  The one I’m showing you today was sewn with one of my favorite EVER Alexander Henry prints (out of print now) called Canyon Flutter in red.

I call this her butterfly dress. The bright butterflies make such a beautiful impression on a sunny day.

These are pictures of her wearing it in June of 2011 (last June) when she was 16 months old. I was testing out my own pattern in size 12 to 18 months.

And here are some pictures of Abby just two days ago in the very same dress:

It’s a bit short, granted, and so I had her wear it with a pair of bright blue leggings (which don’t appear in these pictures because she dumped a FULL water-bottle all over them). I wouldn’t have her wear this dress again without pants because I feel it’s getting a bit indecent. 🙂 But it works great as a long shirt over leggings!

Which shows you that my daughter who is two next month is still wearing dresses I made her when she was just over a year old. I think I spent about 2 hours making this dress. A pretty good time investment, if you ask me!

This is one reason I like to make her as many dresses as I possibly can. Sure, I could go buy her a dress for $10 or $12 dollars at Target, but it probably won’t last a full year and the material certainly isn’t of the same quality. Don’t get me wrong–I love Target and I love Target dresses! But I find that I get much more mileage out of my handmade stuff. Plus, in my opinion this dress is on-par with the little girl dresses I see at Nordstroms for $50.

Considering I only spent about $7 on the materials for this dress (1/2 yard of designer cotton fabric, vintage lace straps from my Grandma’s stash, elastic thread) and only 2 hours making it, that’s pretty good!

Minimum input of money and time, maximum output of cuteness and wear-ability.

And that is why it is never a waste of time to sew a dress for a little girl!

Thanks so much for being here with me today, friends! NOTE: You can now subscribe to my posts using any email address. Just go to the right sidebar and type your email address under the words “Follow by email.” Let me know if you have any problems. “See” you back here tomorrow!


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    Oh what a perfect way to show off her cuteness! I felt the dress was still perfectly decent, even without the leggings. 🙂 But I understand where you are coming from on that! And Abby looks adorable in leggings with your Caila-made cute-as-ever dresses.