Who Sewed it Better: Lazy Day Pajamas!

Hooray, it’s time for Who Sewed it Better! Are you ready for this? It’s me, Alida, and Jess (those two hot sewing mamajamas) sewing off against each other. Our pattern? The Lazy Day Pajamas by Melissa of Blank Slate Patterns (affiliate link)!

This pattern includes all kinds of fun details that make it perfect for a sew-off:

  • collar, lapels, and facings
  • buttons
  • contrasting cuffs
  • piping
I enjoyed the challenge and am so excited to share this sleepy-time outfit with you guys! How about some pictures, eh?

Favorite details:

  • vintage fabric (the floral print)
  • semi-sheer breezy cotton for the pants (with streaks of silver!)
  • hot pink piping
  • contrasting polka-dot collar
  • yellow buttons
  • handwritten leather name tag

I’m always shocked by how small Abby measures on typical sizing charts. For this pattern she barely measured a size 12 months (!!!) but I obviously wasn’t going to tempt fate with one so small, so I sewed  a 2T with 3T length. Both pieces are decidedly too big for Abby, but that’s comforting because she has room to grow and may fit perfectly in these once Fall/Winter roll around.

I love this picture of Abby caught in action:

These pictures were taken on her brand new big-girl bed and she is VERY proud of it. I painted the bed a raspberry red to go with her blue walls, and the sheets came from Target (I’ve been eyeing them for ages and may go buy another set just because they are so awesome).
The main fabric for the top is a vintage print I picked up in an antique store in Cannon Beach, Oregon a few years ago. The dots on the collar, label and lining are a print by Lecien (one of my all-time favorite prints). 
The pants are made from a semi-sheer specialty cotton from Joanne’s and it has tiny little lines of silver woven throughout (yeah, silver!!). I just love this fabric as pajama pants! It’s breezy, soft, and comfortable. Perfect for a Southern California spring.
Here’s one of my favorite details, a hand-written leather tag:
So, there you have it! Abby’s new lazy day pajamas in floral and white with polka dot accents, yellow buttons, and hot pink piping. Now it’s time to head on over to see Alida’s look, and Jess’s, then let us know WHO SEWED IT BETTER! What do you think? Who should be crowned queen of the lazy day pajamas?

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  1. says

    I love this! That white fabric looks so breezy and perfect for comfy summer pjs. I’ll have to check out the other ladies’ too 🙂

  2. says

    I love how you varied the fabrics on the shirt and pants and yet tied it all together, Caila! These are such a sweet set for one sweet little girl.

  3. says

    there’s no way to choose between the three of you. they’re all adorbs.

    i *can* tell you this tho. I’m headed to Joann’s TODAY and gettin’ me some of that white fabric and making MYSELF some new pajamas for summer! i have the pattern and EVERYTHING! WOOT!

  4. says

    I liked your attention to detail and the fabrics/colors/piping/contrasts you chose – you have my vote, for sure. This Oscar goes to —Cailamade!!

  5. says

    Wow, that was tough. Caila takes the win on this one – piping, polka-dot facing, tag and gauzy pants all awesome details. Very nicely done. Jess – the piping between the 2 fabrics on the pants was great, and fabrics were adorable. Love the bees on Alida’s too. Well done ladies!

  6. says

    YOU! I love the vintage floral top with the white trim and white pants with fhe floral trim. You always do such an awesome job in selecting fabrics

  7. says

    I really can’t pick a favorite! I love yours for the vintage look. But I love the others for different reasons…good thing I don’t have to vote or I’d be here all night!

  8. says

    You should definately be crowned queen of the lazy day pajamas!! No doubt about it. You have an amazing eye for detail, and such great choices of fabric.

  9. says

    ok I love the ladies who you competed with, but you knocked this one out of the ball park! you did a fantastic job! you get my vote hands down woman.

  10. says

    I love yours the best! All 3 of yall did a great job but your fabric selection for the pants is what did it for me. Great job and such a special tag for your daughter too!

  11. says

    things I love about this:
    your daughter is adorable, and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one with a 12m sized little girl (mine is 2.5 yrs old right now). Sometimes she hits the 3-6 month mark too. Yikes

    The vintage fabric is great. Plus it came from the Oregon coast, which is awesome (I’m from there)

    The bedding! omg! *heads to target right now*