Where Time is Spent

If I could grant you a window into my world you would see me, at this moment, sitting on the bathroom floor while my oldest two take a bath. Abby is throwing a little whale up in the air and as it comes down it hits her on the head nearly every time. Hudson is also throwing a toy boat up in the air; as it comes down it hits me in the head nearly every time.

Oh my. The comedy of life with children.

Last week was my little girl’s second birthday AND there was valentines day, so I spent the balance of my days with the people I love the most–my children and my husband. It was a beautiful week spent enjoying Abby and her big blue eyes, taking a day alone with Brian and soaking in each moment of our days together.

It was a wonderful week but, as you may have noticed, it didn’t yield a lot of blogging time. 🙂

That’s okay, because it gave me some time to re-think my schedule and the way I’m approaching this mommying-sewing-blogging thing.

You see, blogging is a solitary thing. Sure, it opens me up to a whole world of other crafters where we can share ideas, gain skills and generally have a great time together. But blogging isn’t like sewing, which I can do while I talk to my husband in the evening, or while we watch a show together. Sewing can be social, whereas blogging is not. In fact, writing is generally a very solitary hobby.

Still, I love to write and must make time for it somehow. But where to find the time? I recently committed to a bedtime of 11:00 p.m., which is (believe it or not) early for me. It makes a huge difference in the way I parent my children the next day, and in my general feeling of well-being. After sticking to the bedtime for about 12 days now (with a couple of exceptions, which I’ve suffered for) I’m feeling a lot better than I was. Getting up is easier, I’m showered and prepared for when the children wake up and am feeling much more confident in the way I’m doing life. But this bedtime leaves something out: time for blogging.

Sure, it’s not the most essential thing in the world, but I really love doing this. And with a husband who is a RN with more than just weekends off, I do have the time, just not a night.

So Brian and I have devised a new schedule. Once a week he’s going to give me a “day off” to go and write. I will blog, work on the book I’ve been devising in my head so passionately that I can’t even sleep at night, edit photos, etc. Since his full-time schedule is three 12-hour shifts each week, this leaves us with four days a week to play with. Even with one day away, I still have plenty of time to enjoy with all of us together.

It’s an experiment and I’ll let you know how it goes. For my first “day off” I took Stryder to my mom’s house and wrote furiously while she played with him and took him on walks. Of course I took feeding breaks, but my boy is so easy I was able to get plenty of work done.

This stay-at-home mommying thing is a lot of work around the clock, but it does have perks. Such as deciding how to allocate my time. I’m so thankful to have work that keeps me busy, a caring and un-selfish husband to do this with, and the freedom to design our lives in a way that keeps us all healthy and happy.


Earlier this week I tried working on a blog post (this one, actually) while the kids took a bath. Although they were playing oh-so-quietly before I pulled out the computer, all craziness broke loose when I started typing. Stryder, next to me on the floor, and the computer were catching too much water when I realized it was a failed experiment. Now I’m back to my tried-and-true commitment: not to work on the computer when my children are awake and around. Some kids can handle it, I’m sure. Just not mine. 🙂