What’s in a Name

If you look to the top of this blog you’ll see I have a new header. In the header are the words “all that i have sown.” You might think I have a misspelling up there. “Sown?” Isn’t this a sewing blog? Doesn’t she mean, “sewn?”

You’re right to ask, but no, it’s not a misspelling.  Here’s the story.

During my six month hiatus from writing here (and let’s be honest, it was longer than that with just one post in the middle), I did a lot of thinking about blogging. Just no actual blogging. I had awhile to think about why, and I think this is the reason. A sewing blog is too narrow. I do too much thinking to just blog about the things I create, AND, writing a blog about sewing can require a lot of work. Pictures and such. I can’t just write, “Hi there, I made a really cute dress today. Came up with the pattern myself, too.” and leave it at that. I need to actually show off the pictures, and that–for me–takes a lot of work.

I used to process life by writing at www.cailamurphy.com, but once I entered the sewing world I wanted something that covered my other creative talents as well. So I created Caila-Made. But what I’ve realized in the ensuing year, is that I want to do both. I want to process life AND I want to blog my sewing progress.

So, what does this have to do with my header and the new description of my blog? There’s a song I’ve always loved by the artist Bebo Norman called “All That I Have Sown.” My favorite lines are these:

Long before I was covered up in gray 
Before the old had bent my bones 
We grew our children in the red Georgia clay 
They were our garden and our home 

And all that grows is our story told 
As life unfolds here before us
The peace we found in that broken ground 
I can see them in the harvest…of all that I have sown 

I don’t farm and I don’t live in Georgia, but Brian and I are growing a life here in Southern California. That life is filled with children, and diapers, and sun, and trips to the beach, and whole roasted chickens for dinner, and the smell of laundry in the drier, and folded clothes on the red chair, and toys on the floor, and Brian’s stories from the ER, and medical tape in the top drawer instead of masking tape like normal families, and Abby saying “nooo” to everything in her adorable way, and Hudson looking at me with those big, gray-blue eyes, and Stryder waving his little arms and Brian still loving me so much I want to cry and me gathering it all up into my heart and breathing it deep.

As the song says, one day when I am covered up in gray and the old has bent my bones I will cherish these memories. That’s why I want to write about them now. So I will write and I will sew and I will share both these passions with you here.

Thus the title at the top of this blog. Here you will find all that I have sown/sewn.

I’m looking for a way to blend the two words (sown and sewn) so that people won’t get confused. Until then, it is what it is. 🙂 UPDATED: I added an “e” within the “o,” so hopefully the word will communicate a double meaning.

Thanks for reading, friends! You can listen to “All That I Have Sown” by Bebo Norman by clicking on the image below.


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    LOOOVE this post! It seriously made me teary… because it really resonates. Don’t you love that the richness of life is sown with seeds of the mundane? It almost takes my breath away to think of how easily I can miss the blessings in the bustle of life. Thanks for your words, your sweet reminder to breathe it all in deeply, and to cherish each and every moment. Love you friend! SO glad you’re writing again!

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    Oh friend, thank you so much! I love what you said about the richness of life being sown with the seeds of the mundane! I can imagine Kari (www.karipatterson.com) agreeing with that statement. 🙂 Love you, friend!