What we are up to around here

I have some cute pictures of the kids, and it’s been awhile since I gave you an update on our lives, sooo… You’re really in for it now. Hehe.

I do want to apologize to those friends who followed my blog last Winter and Spring because of my posts on life and motherhood. Caila-Made has since evolved (literally) into a showcase for what I’ve made. The personal posts have gone by the wayside somewhat. It’s not that there isn’t a lot to say about life and parenting right now; it’s more that I’ve found a niche in sewing and writing about it. The online sewing community has been so wonderfully supportive and I’m glad to have so many new creative friends visiting me here. {Hi sewing friends!}

Anyway. That said, it’s still nice to pop in and give you a life-update occasionally. Because you know us; it’s never boring around here.

You already know that Hudson started Kindergarten (!!!) a month ago. He’s doing so well and we all love the new and structured shape our lives have taken on. He and I spend a lot of time doing homework together in the afternoons while the other babes sleep.

Speaking of other babes, Abby isn’t much of a baby any more but she IS a babe. Just look at that girl.

She’s taking ISR swim lessons right now because we are all terrified of pools + children, and she has learned to SWIM ACROSS THE POOL. Yes, she is two years old and she’s swimming. It’s amazing.

You can tell from the picture above that she wasn’t too thrilled about swim lessons in the beginning, but now we get lots of smiles and enthusiasm from her.

Oh, yes, Stryder’s in swim lessons, too! You can see him learning to float in the picture above.

Abby watching Stryder in his swim lesson

As for my true baby boy: he is getting close to one year old! Only one month to go before we move past that milestone. If you follow me on Instagram (@cailamade), you already know that he started walking last week. Holy cow, kid!

His hair is, as always, off the charts.

Stay tuned next week for another party-planning post. If this boy is going to turn one soon, I’d better get crackin’. His nickname is The Amazing Stryder-Man (super power is the hair, obviously), so I’m seeing red and blue for his party. And capes. With, possibly, large “S”s everywhere. Hint, hint.

So that’s the kids, but what about the rest of it?

We are still staying with my parents. But since we’ve been here six months I’m beginning to accept that “staying” has become “living with” and I should find somewhere to put my clothes. I’m not sure the antique sewing machine table is the right spot for them.

We began looking for a house at the beginning of the summer, and I am beginning to feel some serious disappointment. The real estate market is crazy here, with very few houses to buy and everyone buying in our price range, not to mention investors buying everything in cash. What’s a normal family to do?

To be honest, it’s a bit of a shock. I mean, we’re both college educated, my husband has a good career, I have good freelance job opportunities, and for goodness sakes DON’T WE LIVE IN AMERICA? Aren’t we supposed to be able to buy a house if our credit is good and we have money saved and we have a job? Right? Right???

I say that with tongue-in-cheek. I guess it’s just a wake-up call that not everything in life comes easily, and sometimes there is a plan that we can’t see in motion. I truly believe in Providence: that God sees the end from the beginning and there is some reason this house hunting fiasco is taking so long.

We are blessed in living with my parents. Hudson is in a good school, we are together and happy and healthy and the world is beautiful. And there is FABRIC. So really, why let one roadblock get me down?

Yet, blah. It is getting me down.

Here’s a little history about me: I am the girl from nowhere. Or maybe I’m from everywhere. But whichever way you sling it, I am not a girl from anywhere.

Are you confused yet? So am I.

See, I grew up in the Air Force and moved my whole life. Every two and a half years, on average, we picked up and moved FAR away. I was born in California, my brother was born in Cambridge. Yeah: Cambridge, England. It was the best childhood you can imagine. I loved growing up seeing the world.

Yet, even a kid who grows up moving and calls “home” anywhere she lays her head, even she believes that some day when she grows up–maybe by the time she is in her 30s–she will have a permanent place to call home. Even she hopes there is a place on this globe for her.

But maybe she’s learning that “home”–the place on this globe for her–isn’t where she lays her head or hangs her pictures. Maybe she’s learning that it’s wherever her most loved ones lay their heads. Even if it is in her parent’s house.

{Thanks for reading my update, friends! It’s great to have you here. Check back soon for more fun with sewing and fabric. 🙂 }


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    Aw, I loved hearing all this from your heart! And you are right, God has that perfect plan for you guys, but I know becoming content with current circumstances is the place God wants us to go and know that his blessings are still all around us, even if it looks different than we imagined. We have our own house, but no 2nd car and I have to remind myself of all of this all the time! Really daily, actually. In fact, I should probably go read my Bible and remind myself right now! haha!

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    Oh Caila, that was Sweet. and True, and learnable. It is a privilege walking the path with you and your family, learning and loving, for however long it takes. These pics of the children are outstanding! Their EYES. I have GOT to figure out Instagram and either remember my password or create a new one, ha.

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    I loved this little peek into your life and enjoy these posts along with the “fabricy” ones; keeps it real and dimensional! your kids are adorable and look just like you. Hope the housing market opens for you soon!

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      Oh, thanks so much Gina! I really do want this blog to be real and dimensional, so I’ll keep sharing when the need arises. So glad you commented! 🙂