What did I get myself into?

Uh oh. I’m in for it. Those two tough-looking dames above challenged me to a sewing duel and THEY MEAN BUSINESS.

One pattern, one garment, three crazy sewing fiends  ladies. This is a challenge to see WHO SEWED IT BETTER, and I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I look so sweet and demure up there in that picture. You’re thinking these other ladies are gonna step right over me because no shorty with blond hair and down cast eyes could ever put up a real fight. You’re thinking they probably picked me because I look like easy meat.

Well, ladies. You’ve got something else coming, because I am this girl’s momma:

And she did not get it from her daddy.

I taught her everything she knows.

And I mean business.

Bring it on, ladies.

Check back Monday for my Who Sewed It Better post! 
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    OH. MY. GOSH. BEST. POST. And hey, I’ve met you – sure you’re a sweetie, but you’ve got a feisty side for sure. 😉 DO IT GURRRL!