Waking Up to a Sacred Life

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It was April and I was three months pregnant, staring at a mountain of dishes. My three year old boy was playing in his room, my darling one year old girl at my feet. I think I was even looking out the window at a beautiful, sunny day. Nothing really to complain about. Nothing except the aching sense of despair I felt inside. Despair at the never-ending uselessness of it all.

Does that sound extreme? Am I shocking you with this?

I was a mother of two, then –now three– in love with my husband, in love with my children and outwardly happy. But first trimester hormones were ravaging my emotions and my husband’s second year in Nursing school was not helping things. You know how sometimes the most damaging hardships are the ones that drag on and on and on? Even though you know the end will come you just can’t see it. That was me, last April.  …

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