Vespa Lovin’

Sometimes I fall in love with a fabric online, wait by the front door for it to arrive, and then it sits in my stash for over a year, or more.

This print by Monaluna caught my heart a couple of years ago, only to sit alone and neglected in one of my bins. Just when all hope was (perhaps) lost, Abby awoke to the wonder of fabric and pulled it back into the General Rotation.

I always have a General Rotation pile by the cutting table. It’s the fabric I just can’t get away from using. I think this one caught my eye because it’s such a summery print and summer is fading away. Consider this my last fling with summer before I finally commit to fall. (It’s still around 100 degrees outside, so you can understand why summer sewing lasts half-way into Autumn around here).

I designed the bodice and skirt myself–it’s actually a pattern I’ve been working on for a while. It was made using a simple bodice that buttons up the back and a gathered skirt. The skirt is edged with 1/4″ bias tape because I avoid hemming at all costs.

The fabric is a 100% organic cotton poplin called Scooters in Pink, by Jennifer Moore of Monaluna. At the writing of the this post, there was still some available on Etsy. It makes the perfect breezy top. Abby should wear it to the beach.

Are you ready for a confession? This is the first time I’ve EVER sewn a button placket with actual buttons. Yes! Until recently, button holes scared the heck out of me. I made this top before the Jess Dress, so I’ve done it twice now. And I can’t help but feel proud that I finally conquered my fear.

I’m thinking of a dress like this with sleeves for fall. Maybe during KCWC? More on that later! I am up to my eye balls in patterns and fabric trying to decide what to prep for NEXT WEEK. Eeek, I’m so excited!

Abby says see you later! If I can get it together, I’ll have a post up tomorrow about my preparation for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.

Oh! But before I go, I must know: does anyone else find it hard to let go of summer sewing? The clothes are so breezy, beautiful and simple to make! Fall clothing has it’s own charm, but summer is my own personal siren.

Thanks for reading, friends!


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    Summer season sewing is my favorite, too, but I am a California girl!! I am forcing myself to use flannel for KCWC and possibly corduroy if I get that far otherwise I may never use the stuff. It takes so much room storage wise so if I use it I will have more room for summer fabric:)

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      I am buying up some flannel and cords, too, Gina! I’m going to pretend the weather will be cool enough this winter. 🙂 Maybe at night??

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    We are way past summer here! It is coat weather in Iowa now. I am loving this dress it is SO cute! I am excited to see what you create for KCWC, I am busy trying to decide what I want to make! 🙂

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      Thanks so much, Amanda! I love seeing all the cold-weather clothes out there and try not to feel very sorry that we don’t have a “real” winter here. 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment! Can’t wait to see what you make for KCWC, too. 🙂