Turkey Tablescape with Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts!

I sometimes feel sorry for Thanksgiving, because it’s always pushed aside by Christmas. Even I, who love Fall decor, am itching to put it away and get those twinkle lights up already! But before we do that, I’m pushing the pause button and enjoying the Fall treatment just a few more days. Thanksgiving is almost upon us and that means… Turkey Dinner with family!! 
Scroll down for instructions on how to make this feathered place setting:
With the help of Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts, today I’m sharing some ideas for how to set your Thanksgiving table. Please keep in mind that because I have three kids and my sewing room replaced the formal dining room, these pictures were taken on our small kitchen table. I set places for two so you could get ideas for place settings for both men and women. However, this is by no means a full table! I set it up to (hopefully) give you some ideas and demonstrate that a formal Thanksgiving Dinner is really not so hard to create as you might imagine. 
The decor items on this table were purchased at Jo-Ann’s, so be sure to click on those links if you’d like to take a closer look at what they offer! 
Jo-Ann’s asked me to share my version of a “turkey tablescape” with you today. I’m not into traditional turkey decor, so I decided to use feathers as my jumping off point. Since natural beauty is all around us at this time of year, I pulled in some wood and branches from our back yard, and threw in some leather for good measure. (You know how I love that stuff). 
Truly, I wish I could set my table like this every day. I’m not a very formal girl in most other respects, but when it comes to setting the table for a special event… world watch out! I’m pulling the sterling out of it’s velvet drawer, baby! 
As you scroll through these pictures, you’ll see a lot of real silver: tea service, water jug, silverware. I’ll try to point everything out as we go through. 
Above: Glittered pinecone and silver tea pot, sugar and creamer dishes. 

A three-tiered dessert tray decorated with glittered tea lights and burlap tea lights (above).

A close-up of that dessert tray with glittered tea lights and other tea lights that I modpodged with burlap.  Also shown: vintage silverware, vintage linen napkins, glittered pinecone and silver tea set. 

My favorite items from Jo-Ann’s on this table are the FEATHERS! They have the greatest assortment of plumage in the silk flowers isle. I also got the wreath you see below in the same section (60% off!). There are some cool feather floral stems listed here, but the best thing to do is go into the store and browse those isles. I find the best stuff by just poking my head into each little section.

I like to pair the feather floral stems with branches from our garden and display them in milk glasses vases. Perfection.

Speaking of feathers, I’m really excited about these place settings! I bundled some feathers together with strips of leather to add a special turkey-like flare. Here are the instructions for how to make your own: 
Materials Needed:

Choose four feathers for each place setting. Hold the quills together in your fingers and tie a leather strip or piece of leather cord around the quills. There is no need to glue these together unless you plan on using them for something else.
For the man’s plate, I tied a dark brown leather strip around neutral-colored feathers. I think this strikes the perfect balance for simple masculinity. 
For the ladies I chose to pair some brighter colored feathers together, and tie them with this glittered leather (below). (You can the tutorial on how I did this here). I think it would also be really fun to add glitter to the tips of these feathers
I’m not sure I did it all correctly, but I found some instructions on how to set a formal place setting correctly and then channeled my inner Butler Carson (Downtown Abby fans, can I get an amen?). I’m afraid he might not approve, even after all my efforts. At least it looks pretty to my modern eyes!

These drinking glasses (below) are really fun! I removed the lids from small jam jars and added chalkboard stickers to act as name cards. It was so fun actually writing on them with chalk! 

Below is a close up of my little burlap tea lights. They are very simple:  Cut a strip of burlap that will fit around the tea light and slightly overlap. Cover the outside of the tea light with modpodge, then place the burlap around the candle and cover with more modpodge. Let the candle dry for two hours and you’re done! A note of fair warning, however: these things are not easy to light without the burlap catching fire. They are more beautiful than useful, methinks.

All in all, this was a really fun project and I hope you feel inspired! If you think this is too formal for a family with kids, think again. My children LOVE to get dressed up and sit at a fancy table. They really pull out all the stops when we do this. Hudson even calls me “ma’am” and minds his manners. I like to give them fancy experiences once in awhile so they learn to conduct themselves properly. It’s great practice for the future!

Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to head over to Jo-Ann’s for feathers and whatever else you might need for your holiday table. Most of this decor can translate to Christmas quite well, so you can even consolidate your shopping. (Psst… I really didn’t spend very much, since most of their holiday stuff is on sale already!) Take a moment to browse the current catalog for more creative holiday ideas and use this 50% off coupon to lessen the blow. Happy shopping!
I’d love to know what you’re planning for Thanksgiving! Do you get together with family? Do you have any unique traditions? My husband is scheduled to work this year, so the kids and I will head to my aunt and uncle’s house for some fun with cousins. I’m thankful for family in the area who will help make this a special day for my kids!  


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    This is so adorable, I love the feathers! I am afraid I have run roughshod over poor Thanksgiving this year, I am part of a Black Friday, Holiday open house, and have been decorating for Christmas for about a week now, I am loving it, but I can’t wait until Thanksgiving hurries up and gets over with, so I feel less bad about having Christmas stuff out already!

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    I think this is the prettiest Thanksgiving table I have ever seen! Love the colors you have chosen, and leather just ties it all together – quite literally. Each piece makes the silver and porcelain stand out, to work as a whole. Lovely!

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    Such a pretty setting for a Thanksgiving table! Love your use of milk glass and sterling silver all tied together with feathers, leather, burlap and glitter! A table fit for a king or queen!