Tulle Ghosts for Halloween!

When you have a three year old girl at home, it’s hard to strike the balance between fun-spooky and scary-spooky. Last week we walked into a popular party store and I practically had to run out with the kids tucked under my arms because the entry was filled with terrifying hooded figures.  We really aren’t into that kind of thing and it gives me my kids nightmares. So this year, when Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts contacted me and asked if I would like to create a spooky craft for Halloween, I started brainstorming ideas for crafts that could make my kids laugh and not cry.

I decided on these Tulle Ghosts and, wow, the kids love them! For days it’s been like this around here:

While I was drawing on the eyes my baby kept saying, “I see pretty eyes, I see pretty eyes!” I’m glad he thinks they are pretty and not scary, because it could have gone either way, to tell you the truth.

OK, so would you like to make your own tulle ghosts? The very, VERY simple instructions are below!

Tulle Ghosts for Halloween: A Tutorial
Materials Needed: 
I purchased all of my supplies from my local Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts store. 
  • Foam balls. I used one 6″ foam ball and two smaller ones.
  • Sharpie marker or black acrylic paint and a paint brush. 
  • 7-8 yards of tulle. I used 3-4 yards of white tulle for the larger ghost, and about 2 yards of tulle for each of the smaller ghosts. This really depends on how long or plush you want your ghosts . 
  • 1 yard of lace or twine for tying the necks. 
  • Fishing line or similar for hanging your ghosts. 
  • Glitter spray (optional) to add a ghostly shimmer. (I couldn’t find this on the Jo-Ann’s site, but they sent it to me, so it might be available in your local store.)

Draw the eyes on with your pen. 

Add some long eyelashes if your ghost is a girl.

Fill in the eyes.

There you go. “Pretty eyes” as my baby would say.

I tried out some different faces on the ghosts, but these simple eyes are my favorite by far. Go ahead, though, and try out some different options! Now it’s time to add the tulle…

Fold over your 3-4 yards of tulle for the large ghost and drape it over the foam ball. Pull it together at the “neck” just below the foam.

Tie the neck together using lace or twine.

Now determine how long you want your ghost and cut away any extra tulle.

I secured the fishing line to my ghost using a pin with a large pearl head. It was easy to tie a knot in the fishing line and secure it around the head of the pin, and it was even secure enough to stay up in the wind.

If you want to glitter your ghost, now is the time! This is the fabric spray paint glitter I used, courtesy of Jo-Ann’s.

I used the silver and gold. Take your spray bottles outside and lay your ghost on the grass.

Prime the pump first by spraying somewhere else. Once the sprayer is working, keep the bottle a couple feet away from the tulle and start spraying evenly all over your ghost. It won’t look like much at first, but once the glitter dries your ghost will have a beautiful shimmer in the sunlight. Don’t be shy, spray that stuff aaaaall over the tulle.

One the ghosts are dry, head on over the tree of your choice and hang them up! Hint: if you need the assistance of a particularly good looking and well-bicept’d husband (your own, not mine), by all means call him over. Maybe you can sneak in some good, muscly, pictures of him on a ladder while he’s helping you. *wink*

You guys, these tulle ghosts look so cool blowing in the wind. It was almost eery taking photographs because I kept wanting to scold them for not looking at the camera. WEIRD. I know. I’m trying to forget how many times I almost called the big one Stryder… Um, don’t tell anyone that ok??

Thanks for reading, friends! Use #spookyspaces to find other great Halloween craft ideas sponsored by Jo-Ann’s. I’d love to see what you’re making. And for more creative ideas, check out Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts Creativity Made Simple page!

Here is an awesome 50% off coupon to Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts for any supplies you might need for Halloween crafting. Enjoy!

A HUGE thank you to the wonderful people over at Jo-Ann’s who invited me to participate in Celebrate the Season
This post is part of the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores® Celebrate the Season campaign. I received compensation for this review; however, this is my personal, honest opinion based on my experience


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    Oh, Caila, this is perfect! I LOVE it, and bought a ton of tool awhile back for a project that never happened. I was just feeling that I was being a little too lame this Halloween season (my own mother was awesome during the seasons!) so this may save the whole month…thanks!

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    Those are SO cute!!! My daughter asked if we could “go all out” for Halloween decorations this year. Most of the yard decorations we’ve found for purchase are scarier than what we wanted to do, given that we want small kids to feel okay walking up to our door on Halloween night. We might need to make up a set of these tulle ghosts!
    I’ve linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip: