Geometric Art on Reclaimed Wood

fabric-wood-artToday I’m pretty excited about a tutorial I wrote for this Triangle Wall Art over at Craftaholics Anonymous! It’s a fun way to spruce up your mantel for Spring and Summer, and only involves a few materials (Mod Podge and fabric scraps being a few). One thing that always shocks me about these craft projects is how little time they take! I mean, seriously, you can make a new piece of art for your mantel in a half an hour. There’s not much I can sew for my home than takes so little time.


But don’t worry, my love of sewing remains. I’m hopeful that I’ll have time (read: make time) to make some new throw pillows and maybe a quilt for our living room couch soon. Goodness knows I love looking at fabric. I might as well put it in as many places around my house as possible!

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you head over to Craftaholics Anonymous to see how I made this fun mantel art, and take a moment to pop over to my Facebook page, too, and see what’s been inspiring me lately. If you haven’t already seen the preview of my upcoming Desert Rose dress sewing pattern, please jump over and take a look! You can sign up to test the pattern (I will be picking people for my tester group by the end of the week), simply be inspired, or get excited for the release. All three would make me happy!

One last note before I go. Aren’t succulents lovely? I want to buy a hundred and put them all over my house.



Oh no, I lied. I have one more thought for the day. Have you heard of the band, JohnnySwim and their debute album titled “Diamonds”? I bought it last night immediately after the release and haven’t stopped listening to it since. My favorite songs so far are “Diamonds” and “Falling for Me.” I listened to the husband-and-wife duo during an NPR special yesterday and just fell in love with these two people! They were so sincere, so full of life and love, and have such beautiful voices, I couldn’t resist pulling up the album on iTunes and buying it on the spot. Yes I do that often, but not usually with music. 🙂 Books are my typical poison. But today, I’m so glad I bought this beautiful album.

Thats all for now. Have a lovely day!