Top of the Tops {I’m In!}

Guess what?! Do you remember the gray and white striped top I raved about and entered into Made By Rae’s Spring Top Sewalong? Well, it was selected by the judges as one of the Top Tops this week! Allow me to geek out for a moment…


Can you see it there in the picture above? It’s “E” in the second row.

Maybe it’s totally juvenile of me to be this excited (“They picked me! They picked me!”) but I really respect Rae and the ladies she chose to judge the Spring Top Sewalong. You may not know this, but Rae (along with Dana from MADE) kind of taught me to sew. She’s the first sewing blogger I started to follow.

Voting is going on right now, through noon tomorrow (EST). I encourage you to head over and vote for your favorite top. If your favorite top happens to be mine, well then, I guess that worked out nicely. 🙂 But if not, seriously, please just vote for your very favorite. All of these ladies are extremely talented and their tops are beautiful. It’s a pleasure to be in there with them.

Thanks for reading, friends!