The wrench in my plans

Happy Monday, everybody! My younger two kids are napping, Hudson is making an apple pie with Grandma (how am I going to say no to eating that, I’d like to know?) and so I have a few quiet moments to sit down and blog.
I’m dealing with some frustration right now over a SMALL issue that has nonetheless thrown my photo editing/blogging schedule all out of whack. I know there are much worse things going on in the world and this is a chance for me to choose perspective, but I still feel the need to let you know that I’m adrift in a big ole’ sea with no floatation devise BECAUSE PICNIK IS OFFICIALLY GONE AND I DON’T LIKE ANY OF THE OTHER PHOTO EDITING WEBSITES I’VE TRIED
I’m glad I got that off my chest. And yes, I know there are about a dozen (or more) “good” photo editing websites out there and my beloved Picnik interface can still be found at Google+ but, um, seriously, I just spent an hour playing around with about five of them and all I have to show for it is a headache. 
So my dear friends, blog posts might be a little slower going than usual (or the photos will just be worse). I’m not a photographer by any means, and it was helpful to have a simple yet useful website for editing blog photos. And apparently I don’t deal well with change when it comes to my favorite websites. (Duh, I just about throw a fit every time Facebook changes its interface, which is about once a month).
Okay, enough of that. In the meantime, I have a great skirt-to-dress tutorial for you which will be up as soon as I find somewhere to edit them.

Moving on.
In other news, this is happening today:
I love the way she loves to draw.
And lastly, in case you were wondering, YES! I have some KCWC pieces in the works. Just no pictures for you yet (see above).
Catch ya tomorrow!

Thanks for being here, friends! Hopefully I’ll have something “real” up for you tomorrow. 🙂