The Sally Dress Pattern Review + Giveaway

Some dresses just make me want to dance. Do you know that feeling? It happens to me either when I’m wearing something incredible, or when I’ve just made something incredible and the urge comes over me to close all the blinds and dance happily around my living room. 
This is one of those dresses. 
This beauty was sewn from The Sally Dress pattern by Very Shannon (also the lovely lady behind LuvInTheMommyHood). This is Shannon’s latest design and a truly wonderful dress pattern for all levels. In fact, it was the prefect project for ushering in my Fall sewing. Speaking of…
Hello Fall, it’s good to meet you! I live in Southern California so we haven’t seen much of each other recently, but I think you’re beautiful and you fill me with hope. I’m particularly fond of the cool breezes you brought with you this year. We really needed it in these parts, let me tell you. Now, back to the dress.
I think this is the PERFECT sewing pattern for anyone who wants to venture into sewing children’s garments but has some trepidation about sewing fastenings like buttons, zippers, or snaps. This dress has none of those! Seriously, it pulled right over Abby’s head with no problem and she didn’t even get stuck when I lifted it off for bed time. That meant a lot to her, Shannon, a lot. Abby gets really upset when her head gets stuck in a dress. 

The sleeves are one of my favorite parts of this dress and I’m so proud of myself for actually sewing this version. I usually follow the path of least resistance and sew sleeveless dresses (I have very little patience for hand sewing parts of the bodice lining), so this was an opportunity to prove to myself that I could do it. And I did! I only had to unpick one pucker from the first sleeve, and the second one went on without a hitch. (Did my ego swell a little bit at that point? Probably, but don’t worry, my kids dispelled it by waking me up every hour last night. So I’ve been adequately humbled).

For the bodice and pockets I used a vintage print I purchased during a destash sale by @wollypetalsvintage on Instagram. (Hint: she’s doing another sale next week!).  The skirt was made using a wonderfully soft baby whale corduroy from my local Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts store. 
Fall boots are a necessity, of course, and Abby has been wearing her new pair every day since we bought them. They added enough pink to balance out the non-pink of the dress. 
Don’t you just love those large pockets? They are perfect for hiding treats, little stuffed animals, or (dear God, no) actual live animals. I don’t expect that of Abby, but Hudson wouldn’t hesitate to put a frog in one of those pockets if the opportunity presented itself. 
Overall, this is a pattern I would highly recommend to anyone. If you’re fairly new to sewing, it will teach you how to line a bodice, add sleeves, topstitch, add pockets, and gather a skirt. All very important skills if you’re going to be sewing for girls! And if you’re an old hat, this is still a great pattern for you, with lots of possibilities for remixing. 
Would you like to win your own copy of The Sally Dress PDF Pattern for sizes 2T through 8? Simply follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. The giveaway will stay open until 11:59 p.m. on Monday night October 7th. You can leave a comment for one entry (and be sure to put in the Rafflecopter widget that you did) and like Luvinthemommyhood and CailaMade on Facebook for 2 additional entries each. If you do all those things you will be entered 5 times! 
Thank you for stopping by on this lovely Friday, friends. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday. All my love. 

Abby is wearing:
The Sally Dress, size 3T with no alterations
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  1. says

    Super cute dress! I love grey too, but I think this fall, it’s plum and teal that I am leaning towards. Thanks for the chance!

  2. says

    I looove your mix of grey and print! I am in Florida so I am just beginning to be bitten by the fall bug (Afterall, we don’t see much of it here, either!) But I love me some plum colors for fall (ok, for all the time)
    Thanks for the chance to win this pattern 🙂

  3. says

    I love love love this dress! I live in the southern California desert. Fall is my favorite month; I love the colors of fall. Orange/amber/bright yellows are my favorite.

  4. says

    Soooo cute! And now I’m wondering if we used the same gray baby cord for our skirts and whether I actually got mine at JoAnn, not Fabric Depot. Ha! I need to get Em some boots….

  5. says

    I get excited when I see your posts on Facebook. I always know they will be great quality and personable too. I so wish I had girls to sew for.

  6. says

    Oh….and color…..I LOVE brown! It works with everything and compliments well. Other than that, I like plum too. Thanks!

  7. says

    We’re in Spring here in NZ but i think it’s perfect for right now in navy and baby pink with some polka dots thrown in!

  8. says

    Hi, Can you explain how you got the white trim on the pockets? I would like to add trim to the top of my pocket and I was wondering if the trim you added was sewn on top of the pocket or if the ends were hidden in the seams of the pocket. I am fairly new to sewing, so I am sorry if the answer to this question is obvious. Thanks so much!

    • says

      That’s a great question, Marie! I simply stitched the trim on top of the pocket after it was sewn together but BEFORE it was sewn to the dress. Does that help? That might be a great topic for a post, actually. 🙂