The Love Letter Clutch

Awhile ago, maybe two years, I bought these metal clasps from a seller on Etsy. I intended them for Christmas presents for the ladies in our family, and it only took a couple more Christmases for me to get around to making them. Is anyone else like that? I feel like my project list is so long at times, I can practically plan out the next two years worth of gifts!

This clutch was made using Melodie Millers fantastic, gorgeous, beyond-wonderful fabric called Ruby Star Rising Typewriters in Gold. I love the gold, I love the pink, I love the hearts. I love everything about this print. It’s a medium-weight cotton/linen blend, which is perfect for purses and clutches. I did a quick search on Etsy and at the time of this post, there is some available here.

My only problem in using these metal clasps is that I could not find a pattern for them anywhere. They appear to be a unique size (4.5″from end to end, I think) and none of the tutorials or patterns I found fit this particular shape or size.

So I did what any sewing blogger would do in this case, and came up with a pattern myself, with steps for a tutorial. Of course! 🙂

The clutch you’re seeing here was my first attempt, and my pattern has since changed quite a bit. I fixed some problems, like the height. See how it flops down? Can we just call it a fold over metal clasp clutch to make me feel better? My sis-in-law was the recipient of this gift, as well as the fold over clutch, and she loved it anyway. Thanks for always loving my creations, sister!

Anyway, I’ve made two more since and they turned out much better. No more flopping over. I can’t wait to share the pattern and tutorial steps with you! The tutorial will include steps for making your own pattern for ANY shape and size of metal clasp clutch. That way you can make your own, no matter what kind of clasp you purchase.

You should have it within the next 5 days, which gives you time to make your own Love Letter Clutch for a friend, daughter, or other loved one before Valentines Day.


OK, my kids are up there chatting in their beds and it’s time for me to go running. I’ll sign off for now, but I hope you’re all having a wonderful week, drinking coffee, sewing, spending time with friends, or just doing whatever you love best. Thanks for reading, friends!


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    You are not alone, but at least you finally got around to using them and the bags turned out great (even if one flops over)! I love this fabric but have never had any. Looking forward to your tutorial. I made my one and only frame pouch at Sewing Summit, but I’d love to see how you make yours!

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    Cute coin purse; that is some of my favorite fabric too. We must be on the same wave length; you have the same post title as I had on Monday only I made a banner

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      We are totally on the same wavelength, Gina! We always seem to making similar things and using similar fabric. We have great taste, huh? 😉

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    I love these! They’re great!! 🙂

    Also, I nominated you for a little blogging award over at my blog, Sew Happily Ever After!! :)