The Long Sacred Hill {And He Who Carried Me}

I’m over at Sacred Mundane today friends. Would you join me? Read the intro here and the rest of the post after the jump. Thanks for reading!

I am often asked a very simple question, for which I don’t have much of an answer. It always comes at the point in the conversation when my conversant realizes that I am a stay at home mom who’s husband just finished two years of full-time nursing school. There is usually a pause where I can see her (whoever she is) putting two and two together: the cost of living, cost of food, days allotted to my husband for work (only two per week). Eventually the question comes out, cautiously, as if she doesn’t want to offend:

“How on earth were you able to stay home through all of that?”

There’s usually a beat and then I smile. Say, “Honestly I don’t really know.”

But that’s a lie, because I do.

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    First off….LOVE the photo! Next, when we go through trials and tough times it helps us to really appreciate the great times. They also give us some great “experiences” that we can share with others who may be going through struggles themselves, and help them see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I would not trade my opportunity of staying home with the kids while I did for anything. Nothing can compare.

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      Teri-Mom, this is so true! One of the best things about those hard times is how WONDERFUL you feel when they are over. 🙂

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    As you know, my husband and I have just barely begun our journey to live on less. We are at the beginning and I already feel myself faulting under the weight. Thank you for reminding me to hold every penny up in prayer and to not try to take the journey alone. Oh how I need our Great God to carry me on this journey.

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      Cassie, I have been SO inspired by the steps you’ve already take on the frugal journey. 🙂 I was just reading that passage in Philippians 4, “…I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” People misapply this verse all the time, but really has to do with what you are going through! Love you friend; you are such an inspiration to me. 🙂