The Collar Project: Abby’s Christmas Cape!

Almost exactly one year ago I walked into an antique store and saw an alluring–and slightly bizarre–pair of textured herringbone pants hanging on the wall. They were amazing! Black and white wool, with bits of sparkle peeking out from between the fibers. Who had worn these? Didn’t the designer know this fabric was meant to be, not a pair of pants, but a cape? A cape for a little girl to be worn at Christmas, with a bright red lining. The fabric spoke to me and told me what it was meant to be.

I passed up the pants that night and took the kids to see Santa Clause. On the way home I couldn’t stop thinking, a cape! Abby would look so cute in a cape. I went to bed, but the siren pants still called. The next week I drove back to the antique store and took the pants off the wall. Did they smell bad? No. Were they vintage? Definitely not. I went to the register, presented the cash, and drive home with my cape-pants that day.

They hung in the closet for a year.

Now it’s Christmas. The tree is decorated. Abby’s blue Christmas dress is ready for parties and only one thing was missing until now. A Christmas Cape.

Today I am thrilled to be guest posting about my Peter-Pan Collared Cape over at Clever Charlotte, as part of The Collar Project! I was encouraged to design-my-heart-out using their detachable peter-pan collar as a jumping off point. Boy, did I have a lot of fun!

Head over there for more pictures of the cape, a tutorial for how to make one yourself, AND a free pattern. Seriously, did Christmas just arrive early??

I would love to know what you think of the cape. Are you as in love with it as I am? Does your little girl need a Christmas cape? (Yes, she definitely does!). Thanks for visiting, friends. This is such a wonderful time of year!