The Blue Dress: Revealed

Photos by Melissa Murphy

Tada! The Blue Dress is done and I’m such a happy sewer! I finished it in a marathon of sewing this morning after getting up early, before my baby girl and husband woke up and while my son watched Marry Poppins (his newest favorite).

“It’s a jolly holiday with Mary” really kept me going. 🙂

There was one dark moment when I realized the button holes were not going to work without interfacing or lining because the fabric was too light. Why didn’t I think of that ahead of time?? I tried the buttonholes anyway, it was a complete FAIL, and I responded reasonably (instead of chucking it all in the trash) by simply taking the front piece off and replacing it. Picking out the seam was not fun (it never is), but my second try came out absolutely perfect, buttonholes and everything. Bliss!

Vintage button detail

There really is nothing like finishing an item you’ve sewn, stepping back and realizing that it’s PERFECT, you LOVE it and all the hours of work were completely worth it. And that’s how I feel right now. I love sewing!

After I snipped the last thread, I put the dress on my mannequin and stood back to take a good look at it. Hudson (my three-year-old boy) made my day by gasping and exclaiming, “Mommy, Gracie’s dress is beuwiful!” He even helped me pick out a purse to display with it, because, no dress is really complete without a purse. Can I get an amen?

What I would do differently:
Line everything (even the top pieces) with Muslin from the very beginning
Test the buttonholes more before applying them to the actual garment
Measure the placement of the ruffles better (or, actually look at the directions for this part)
Use a fabric that doesn’t fray so much (and maybe something with more body)

Little “Glamour” purse I made last summer
from my own pattern.

Hope you all like it!  I’m thinking about making another one. Any suggestions on fabrics/colors? How would you like to see this dress in the future?

If I get some pictures of Gracie in this dress, I’ll post them so you can see how it fits a real child. I can’t wait to see, myself. 🙂

Note: In these pictures, the sleeve on the right was slipping off the mannequin’s shoulder, and ended up looking droopy. It doesn’t look like that in real life!

Photos by Melissa Murphy, my awesome, stupendous, amazing sister-in-law!


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    Teri-Mom: Thanks! It wouldn’t look so good without such a great photographer! Thanks for bringing her into the world. 🙂
    Mel: LOVE you! Thanks for taking these pics at the last minute before sunset!
    Love you both! And thanks for being the first two people to comment on my blog. Yippeeee!!