The Argyle Pillow

I’ve been sewing on commission a lot lately which is great because 1) who doesn’t like to get paid doing something they love?, and 2) it gives me a chance to break outside my usual train of creative thought.

My most recent creation was this handsome little guy. I call him the PIECED-ARGYLE PILLOW. He was created as part of a nursery bedding set for a friend from church. Kristen’s little boy, Xavier (such a cute name!), was born two weeks ago and he gets to share a room with this pillow.

You see all those little diamonds? I sewed them all together.

But don’t be too impressed. 🙂 The really tiny little diamonds were a part of this print:

So I guess I don’t really have all that much to brag about. 😉

Anhow. The pillow started with Kristen’s FABULOUS idea to take the main print from her baby bedding–an argyle–and recreate it with a number of other fabrics to create a throw pillow. Wowzers. So awesome!

So I took a deep breath, said, “Oh, sure, I can do that,” crossed my fingers and got to work. The first step was cutting out the diamond shapes:

Then I cut out a whole lot more of those until I had a nice pile of 30 or so. At which point I took the diamond and used it to as my guide for cutting pieces out of the other fabrics:

(Sorry I don’t give you a close up of the other prints. In fact, I didn’t even end up using the striped print above, oops! But I want you to see what I did with the other fabrics, so I’m leaving the pictures in.)

Kristen had provided a burnt orange cotton, blue scrub top (yes, a scrub top from her husband’s work wardrobe!) and a brown poly-cotton suiting. I used those along with her original argyle cotton to create this layout:

I looked at it for a couple of days and fiddled with things. Then I started piecing it.  Good thing I learned how to sew by quilting an insanely intricate quilt with a similar design. Comparatively, this came together in no time at all!

One hour tops of sewing the pieces together, and another 30 minutes adding the orange border and the gray corduroy backing and…

Voila! The pieced-argyle throw pillow.

I think I finished it at midnight exactly.

I just love it when I finish a project, look at it and think, “That is so beautiful.”

And there it is, sitting in Kristen’s beautiful chair from World Market. Funny thing is, I was just in World Market and took a picture of the very same chair with my iPhone. I guess we’re on the same wavelength, Kristen. 🙂
And since I hadn’t given her a true baby gift yet, I brought along a little diaper strap and two burp cloths. (Do you recognize those? They’re from the burp cloth tutorial.)

Little Xavier is about as sweet as can be. I can’t believe how tiny they are at that age, and how fast they grow. My little guy is just three months old and he’s already out growing his size 6mo clothes!

As soon as I have pictures of the rest of the bedding, I’ll put them up. Thanks for reading, friends!


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    Thanks so much, Trish! And you’ll get there, it just takes practice. When I was learning to sew a lady who had been sewing for DECADES told me that the most important thing to have if I wanted to learn to sew was a LOVE for sewing. She said that those who love to sew naturally become good at it… because they do it all the time! 🙂