The Anthro Dress

I did not originally intend to title this the “Anthro Dress.” In fact, it should really be called the Heather-Ross-Flower-Girl-Dress, since the pattern comes from her book (and one of my all-time favorite sewing books), Weekend Sewing
However, a good friend of mine commented on a photo of this dress I posted on Facebook and said it was like “Anthropologie for kids”–a HUGE compliment, if you ask me. Anthropolgie is where I look often for inspiration. Ever since then I’ve been thinking of this as “the Anthro dress.” 

So there it is.

Like I mentioned above, I used Heather Ross’s Flower Girl Dress pattern, in general. But, as always, I changed a few things. I added a button closure in the back (sorry no pictures from that view–I forgot), crocheted lace straps instead of the skinny straps in matching material suggested by Heather, I shortened the length of the skirt and generally winged the width/length of that part of the dress without using her pattern. So, the truth is, I just used her pattern for the chest piece.

This is what I love to do with patterns. Try it out, see what works, alter and embellish. I’m working on my own pattern for a similar dress, so this was a fun test. The top piece I designed and Heather’s top pattern piece are really quite similar. Isn’t it funny how that happens?
So, anyway. More of these dresses to come.  I’m working on a few designs for craft fairs this Spring, the first of which is coming up on February 12th. I’ll keep you posted!
This dress is wonderfully light and airy, due to the cotton lawn I used. Cotton lawn is my new favorite fabric! The blue buttons are vintage, bought from a local antique store and the crocheted cotton lace is from my Grandma’s vintage stash. Isn’t it just beautiful!
Size: 12 to 18 months (I think? It’s 20 inches around the chest)
Pattern: Flower Girl Dress by Heather Ross (with alterations), from her book Weekend Sewing
Embellishments: Vintage crocheted lace and buttons from my stash
More dresses coming in these colors, among others:


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    Saw this on flickr. Love the dress! The perfect combination of fabric, lace and vintage buttons! Seeing clothes like this makes me wish I had a little girl. There just aren’t clothes this cute for little boys.