Teaching the next generation to sew!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a fabulous week. I’m knee-deep in a couple of things: one is a secret project and the other is grading my Peplum Drummer Jacket to multiple sizes. So, my son is here to share something with you today instead of me.
He wants you to know he sewed his very first pillow case! 

He picked out the fabric himself and learned how to iron, measure, cut, and pin a project together. We sewed it up on my machine and serged the edges together, and I have to tell you, he did an incredible job! I should have known he would be good at this, because he is a patient and thorough perfectionist. I thought he was going to lose interest half-way through my lectures on Proper Use of The Hot Hot Iron, and Why Never to Point Pins At Your Eyeball, and Why You Should Never Put Your Hand Under The Sewing Machine Needle While Your Foot Is On The Pedal, but he paid attention the whole time. This kid reeeeally wanted a red pillow case.

Please ignore the horror of my sewing room in the background.

Turning it right side out is the moment of truth.

Someday soon I’ll have pictures of the finished product on his bed. I’m hesitant to share his bed with you now, seeing as it is a mattress on the floor. His new bed is being painted, and when it’s done I will do a proper room reveal so you can see the red pillowcase in all its glory.

I think the fabrics he chose from my stash are Eggs in red by Momo, and one of Riley Blake’s Chevrons. Sorry I don’t have more for you on that score. I’ve had them both sitting around for a long time.

Hope you’re all doing great and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the Sew-Vivor results! Eeek, I’m nervous!


  1. says

    Oh MY Gosh! How excited he looks! Can’t wait to see the reveal! Makes me wish I would’ve tried harder when mine was little but she had NO interest!! Maybe now that she is almost 30, she’ll learn. A Mother can hope!! Good Job Mom!!

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