Take great photos of your sweeties this Valentine’s Day {at Go To Sew}

Hey friends! I’m over at Go To Sew today with some tips on how to get beautiful, real, pictures of your children out of your daily life together. This is especially great for those Valentine’s Day photos we all want to take of our little ones. Read the into below and then hop over to Go To Sew for the full story. I hope you’re all having a wonderful week! 

It is the month of  L O V E  and somehow my little girl knows it. While this is traditionally the month my husband and I celebrate our love, this little face reminds me that my heart has grown four times since my husband and I met. Three kids and one husband: that’s a lot of love to celebrate!

Our days pass quickly in this house, but I don’t want to lose the moments that make up our life together. I’ve started being intentional about taking photos of my children in their natural habitat. Some people call this lifestyle photography, others refer to it as familyness photography, but the idea is the same. Rather than memorializing forced family photos of children with fake smiles in uncomfortable clothes, why not get photos of your children playing and doing what they love? If you are photographing children in outfits you’ve sewn, I believe this is especially important. After spending all those hours at the sewing machine, don’t you want a smiling child to share it with the world (or just your family) in a photograph? …

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