Summer Whimsy (Signature Look)

Just for fun, I’ve decided to link up with the final week for Project Run and Play! This week’s challenge was to create your Signature Look. My dress is simple, but it truly does capture what I believe is my singature look: Summer Whimsy.

Why Summer Whimsy? Well, we live in California, so I love summer dresses and breezy, casual beauty. I’m also drawn to whimsical prints, such as the one I used for this dress. I can’t deny that my signature style has been influenced by my daughter–I just love to make what she loves!

So, before the linky party closes, here are some pics for you!

Some quick details:

  • This is a shirred summer dress, cut as an A line (not just a straight piece of fabric with shirring). I LOVE a good A line silhouette. 
  • The shirring on top is done with elastic thread in the bobbin. It’s a very simple (and common) style, and very much my signature. I’ve made my daughter about 10 of these and she wears them all.the.time.
  • The sleeves are made from vintage trim out of my Grandma’s epic stash. She gave it to me about 2 years ago and I put it on almost everything I make. This is another of my sewing signatures.
  • The dress also has pockets in the side panels. I love this part! My daughter is a casual-beauty kind of girl–she loves dresses, but she also likes to dig in the dirt–so pockets are her delight. 
  • The fabric is from Sarah Jane’s line Out to Sea and features little pirate girls, many with blonde hair. I picked this fabric because it reminds me so much of my daughter. Spunky, creative, beautiful, and a whole lot of fun!

I’m planning a tutorial for this version of the dress (specifically the pockets) for next week. I hope to see you all back then! Thanks for reading!



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    Caila, can I just say that your blog is so incredibly beautiful! Your creations are lovely, your photography is stunning and I absolutely adore your style. Keep up the good word, you are doing an awesome job!!

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    So pretty!! Kinda love her feathery blonde hair the best though 😉 She is too cute. I love the prints you choose too! I agree that you tend towards whimsical prints…they always give your stuff a bit of a vintage charm!

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    Guess what I sewed this week…ya, an A-line dress with pockets. I am starting to think we are twins separated at birth. Love the dress, especially how you used contrasting fabric on the sides and put the pockets there. And, can I adopt your Grandma and her stash of goodies?!

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    Caila, love everything about this dress, and the pockets are such a cute addition! I think I’ve figured out how you did it, but I can’t wait to see your tutorial!

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    That dress is absolutely gorgeous Caila and your daughter is so cute. I didn’t get round to sewing for this week but one of the things I identified for my signature look is that I’m strongly influenced by what my children like and want to wear.

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    I love this dress!
    It’s very clever (love the hidden pockets) and the beautiful lace sleeves.
    I can see your signature in it 🙂
    This would be a huge success with my girl as well – girl-pirates and secret pockets are always a winning combination(I have the same pirate print, but haven’t used it yet. It’s really cute).
    xx, Ana Sofia

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    Great job! Looking forward to the how-to, thanks!
    Ps. I made my husband the leather card holder for Valentines, he liked it! Thanks for the template, I used it!
    Much Love from SD CA

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    I don’t know how I missed this one, but some how I did. I love shirred dresses they were one of the first things I made for my niece that got me back sewing. I love how you did blocks of fabric and pockets. And the sleeves being from you grandma’s stash is such a sweet detail and works so well.

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    Hi…i am so glad to have found your blog today. i love the little dress with the little pockets for the little hands. So sweet. But, really, i have something a little different to comment about. When my daughter was born, more than thirty years ago, her pawpaw sang to her, “Who’ll take the girl with the skinny legs!” i have to say that since then i have sang that song many times to many little girls. But, i could not sing that song to your daughter. She has the most beautiful curvaceous little legs that i have ever seen. i don’t know if you have ever even noticed this, but i did, and i love it! In thirty years this is the first time i have ever noticed it. OK. That is my comment today. God bless.