Summer Shorts {pattern-in-the-making}

A couple of weeks ago I was ambling through Target and trying not to buy everything when I came across an adorable display of little girl shorts. Almost without thinking I grabbed two and headed to checkout.

I don’t know if this ever happens to you, but it started to nag on me: I can make these. I have fabric just like this at home, even cuter. 

Had I made shorts for Abby before? No. Does that bother me? No. So I put the shorts back, came home and started drafting a shorts pattern.

Today I’m showing you pictures of the first attempt. I love the way these shorts turned out! I traced a pair of 2T shorts that fit Abby really well and added seam allowances and room for the elastic waistband. You can find instructions for this kind of simple pattern-developement from MADE.

The shorts turned out almost perfect. I think the rise is a little too high in the front and a little too low in the back. I also made the elastic a bit tight around the tummy, but that’s a simple fix. In my second version of the pattern I made those alterations and made the legs a bit wider for a more comfy/casual fit. I’ll show you those pictures tomorrow.

As you can see, sometimes it’s impossible to get a clear picture with an active two year old.

These shorts were made using the same denim-like bottom weight I bought during my most recent trip to the fabric district. It came from Michael Levine’s loft (fabric for $2 a pound) and I also used it to make this skirt for Abby during KCWC 2012.

It’s perfect for shorts! SO cute and almost classy at the same time.

I cuffed the legs by folding them up and stitching down the sides. I also added stitching for faux slash pockets to add interest, but now I kind of wish they were real pockets. She LOVES real pockets.

At least there are real pockets on the bum. 🙂

You should know that I totally bribed her to take these pictures. She’s sucking on a piece of chocolate here.

Gosh, she’s so adorable.

*Btw, all the pictures above were taken by my rad sister-in-law, Melissa Murphy, when she was here yesterday for Mother’s Day. Thanks, sister! 

Before I go, here’s a teaser for shorts pattern #2. It’s a little closer to perfect, but not quite there yet. Pattern-making is a process! Thanks for reading!