Summer Shorts #2

Here we are friends: Abby’s summer shorts, take two! So far I’ve made three pairs of shorts for Abby (now you’ve seen two) and these are my favorite. They are made from a seersucker with just a little bit of some lycra or something to add stretch. Soooo comfy. She already lives in these.
To make adjustments to my previous pattern I just added an inch to the top of the back center seam, look about 1/4 inch off the front center seam and added width to the legs. I still like the look of the other shorts, but these fit better and seem more comfortable.

The only thing is, I still have to fold down the waist. On my third attempt I took the rise back down a little bit to try and fix this problem.

The fabric came from, wait for it… the LA Fabric District! Michael Levine’s loft for $2 a pound!

Let’s see, what did Caila bribe Abby with this time? Oh, look at that. A Redvine! I’ve heard those are really good for her teeth. Not.
At least we brushed them after. πŸ™‚

Oh, and do you appreciate the loved-until-they-look-like-they’re-falling-apart boots she’s wearing? She picked those out herself. “Ma boots!” Β She wouldn’t take no for an answer even though it was HOT when we took these pictures. She’s got a sense of style, this girl.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I’ll have the final shorts pictures for you tomorrow, and maybe even a pattern available for free download. Wouldn’t that be awesome? πŸ™‚ Have a great day, friends!


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      Thanks, Max! Ohmigosh, I just looked at your site, Max California, and it’s SO fun! I love how fun and fresh and unique you are. I have a friend who would just love your site so I am sending her the link. right. now. Thanks so much for commenting!