Striped Skirt-from-Shirt {Skirt Week 2012}

Here is my final skirt for Skirt Week 2012! I had a couple more skirts planned, but with working a part time job, three kids, a husband, AND searching for our perfect dream home… phew. I’m exhausted! I didn’t have time to sew those other two skirts by the deadline.
Oh well. I still have the whole summer to sew and wear! 

This skirt was made from a shirt I rescued from my mom’s giveaway pile. It’s a high-quality knit from the Express and really, really comfy. I love those stripes!

And in fact, I’m thinking of posting pictures to show you guys how I turned a shirt into a skirt. What do you think? Should I?

Ok, I will!

That’s a wrap, folks! I’m heading downstairs to take a much-needed, much-deserved nap because I AM EXHAUSTED.

Thanks so much for reading! Be sure to check out Crafterhours to see the awesome roundup of skirts from Skirt Week and see who they choose as winners. I can’t wait to see!