Striped Boy Pants (better pictures)

I know you’ve seen these pants before. BUT, I wanted you to see them in a really good light, so I made sure Hudson wore them to his sister’s 1st birthday party, where my sis-in-law could take pics of him. 

AND, since this is Celebrate the Boy month, this is a chance for me to show off my boy, Hudson. Here he is, and here are the pants!
He looks so tall in this picture!

I had to put this one in because H’s hair is so

Singing along to songs at the b-day party.

Giving the pinata a few good hits. Look at that
smile. 🙂
I’m glad to say he really likes these pants. Whew! Whenever I first make him something–ANYTHING–he refuses to put in on. This time, after I forced him into the pants and he wore them for a few minutes he said, “Now I like them, Mommy. Now I like these pants a lot!”
And that’s enough for me.

(Take a look at the middle picture and you’ll realize he put his pants on backwards. So cute!)
On another note: Check back tomorrow for pictures of my daughter’s 1st birthday party!