Stand UP Pants {from the Summer Shorts pattern}

I call them his Stand UP Pants, because she’s such an upstanding American boy. Or just because he’s standing up.

Can we all take a moment to reflect on an important question? HOW COULD THIS POSSIBLY BE HAPPENING ALREADY???

I’m glad I got that off my chest. Now I can tell you that my summer shorts pattern is getting a lot of use around here. Since I figured out that Stryder (8mo) and Abby (2yo) wear virtually the same size I have been unstoppable. Because I tell you what, all the shopping I’ve had to do at Carters to keep him dressed was getting expensive.

I’m glad he’s growing, though, and as we all know: I CERTAINLY DON’T MIND SEWING HIM MORE CLOTHES. Ahem.

Diaper bum. He is my little cutie in gray pants.

And look! He’s already reaching for a sewing machine. That’s my boy!

I made these pants with a gray and white striped shirting material from One day I went nuts and bought a bunch of random fabrics from them because they were all marked down to $1 or $2 a pound. They all arrived in a huge box (free shipping!) and this was about the only thing inside that captured my heart. I’m going to make a skirt for myself out of it later, oh yes I am.

To create a pattern for these pants I took my Summer Shorts pattern and added* 1/4 inch to each outside (straight) seam and 1/4 to the top. Then I measured 16″ down from the top in a straight line to extend the shorts into pants. They turned out a little long, but that’s ok, because I cuffed them. Problem solved! I stitched the cuff down along each seam to hold it in place and give it that “on purpose” look.

I think these would be really cute with pockets and buttons. I’ll have to hold off on the buttons since he’s putting everything (!) in his mouth right now. But the pockets might show up on another pair of pants SOON.

*And in case nobody caught it: I had to add room in the pattern I created for my 2 year old to make it fit my 8 month old. Now that’s custom pattern work! 

A couple more photos for you…

This one is for our extended family in Oklahoma. Go Thunders!

And lastly, a new favorite of mine. Just look at my boys lounging together. I love them.

And yes, Stryder was tired in case you are wondering. He’s trying to fall asleep on Hudson in the picture to the right. Don’t worry, I put him down for a nap right after taking this picture.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to make a pair of these for your little cutie patootie, go ahead and download my free Summer Shorts pattern and make them into pants. They are super easy. I only spent about 45 mins on these pants. Yay!


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      Haha, thanks friend! When other moms ask me how I find the time to sew every day I say, “your house is probably cleaner than mine.” 🙂