Something to make you smile this weekend

Hello all! Christmas is rapidly approaching (um, really rapidly) and I have all kinds of family things planned this weekend so no time for blogging. But I wanted to stop in and say hi and leave you with a little something special!

When we brought Abby home from the hospital almost 4 years ago, my Mother-in-Law took this video and posted it on YouTube for us to view. It’s the sweetest thing watching Hudson see his baby sister for the first time!

Just last week, my MIL shared the video with me again via Facebook, along with the realization that it’s been viewed A LOT of times. Over 106, 000 times, in fact! I know that’s nothing like gangnam style, but it’s fun for a little family video like ours. I’m glad other people see the joy in Hudson and our little family unit just as much as we do.

Enjoy this little glimpse of our family four years ago, and then be astounded that that little guy is now this big guy. Thank you for filming and posting this video all those years ago, TM!


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    Soooooo sweet!! It is adorable that he mades reference to her being ‘gone out of there’. Too cute! He is such a big boy now. I am so thankful the video was on youtube, and that there have been so many views. Wow!