Some things last forever

 Not too long ago my mom pulled an old box from the attic labeled “baby clothes.” We opened it, not knowing exactly what we would find, and were thrilled to discover a collection of baby clothes that would make any vintage junky insane with desire. Inside the box were dozens of baby clothes, hand-made by my grandmother almost thirty years ago.

We lovingly pulled each piece from the box one by one, remembering. “I know this one from baby pictures!” “This is Kyle’s balloon shirt!” “Caila, do you remember this one? It’s the dress you wore when you sang ‘In the Neighborhood’ and tossed your skirt up over your head!”

The truly amazing discovery was how well the clothing had lasted. It’s in absolutely perfect condition. I don’t know how they laundered children’s clothing back then, but my kids’ clothes do not look that good after even a few months. And here we are thirty years later: me, staring at my baby clothes and wondering why they haven’t aged one bit while I’m nearing my 30th birthday!

In case you don’t believe me, take a look at the picture above. This is of me wearing a red dress my grandmother made when I was approximately one year old. The picture to the right is my daughter, Abby, in the same dress on Valentine’s Day of this year. Pretty cool, huh? 🙂

This may not seem like an important incident to you, but it was enormous to me. I spend tons of time–hours and hours and hours–making my own children handmade clothing. I care about it. I put money into it. It matters to me.

Finding those baby clothes was like a wonderful confirmation of my gift. The clothes I make for my children could last a long time.

I might even see my grandchildren in them!

Right and Left: Abby in 2011
Center: Caila in 1982


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    I remember that dress, Caila. . . and the grandmother who made it. You (and the work you do) are confirming that things done in her life mattered, too.

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    Oh my goodness, this is so SWEET! Those nearly 30 years have passed with a speed resembling the breakage of a sound barrier – in not time you will be laughing with Abby about the adorable Valentine’s Day dress her daughter is wearing..

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    Mom, wouldn’t THAT be amazing? If Abby’s daughter was able to wear the same dress? You better believe I’m going to take REALLY good care of it, just in case! 🙂

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    Amazing!!!! I have a blanket that my mom made for me before I was born. It was one of my favorite blankets and now it’s Ian’s. So I can understand you excitement.

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    I came across your blog through Flickr- I love that your daughter is wearing your old dress. I have a few of my dresses I hope my daughter will be able to wear when she is a bit older.