Six years ago today…

I married this man. We smooched under a dramatic arc, and the story began.

I stood with these ladies:

And he stood with these men:

We said “I do,” and walked out of there man and wife. I can still hear IZ singing, “What a wonderful world” in the back ground.

At the end of the night we drove off into the sunset.

While many of my college friends are just now getting started having children, we already have three.

It’s been an adventure, and having this man by my side has made an amazing difference in my life.

I love you, Brian. “If it’s half as good as the half we’ve known, here’s ‘Hail!’ to the rest of the road.”  I can’t wait to do many, many more years with you. I want to sit in a rocking chair beside you someday, all covered up in grey, and talk about our grandchildren and the years we’ve lived.

Thanks for doing life with me. I love you around the world and back.


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    Happy anniversary! What a beautiful setting and three cute kiddos to be proud of! Here’s to many more years. 🙂

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    Oh happy day! Kari is right, you and Brian do make marriage look good! What a great post – I got choked up at the last pic.. those sweet faces say it all.

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    SO glad God brought two such amazing people together, and glad you’ve planted yourselves here in Riverside. It’s been a joy to do life with you two, and it’s a constant encouragement to have other couples (like yourselves) around us who are striving to have marriages that are not just “good enough” but that are alive, adventurous, and thriving. Love you, friend – happy anniversary!