SHE is two

She is two years old today.
She is my darling little girl.
She is a sassy-pants.
She is tender-hearted and loving.
She is tough and strong.
She loves sports.
She’s pretty in pink.
And blue.
She is confident at home
shy in public.
She likes daddy and mommy to hold her.
She loves her brothers,
She looks up to Hudson
and kisses baby Stryder.
His cries make her cry.
She likes princesses, and prettiness, and pink,
but she will always be the girl with dirt on her face and leaves in her hair
running through the grass.
She is her own little self.
She is Abigail.
Today she turned two years old. 
I love you, darling girl. Happy Birthday!


  1. says

    My sweetie pie! She truly is her ‘own little self’, and makes no bones about it. When I first got a neck brace, she was the first to say, “Ooooh, owie gamma, owie!” and put her little hand gently on my shoulder. Sometimes when I sit next to her on the couch, I will suddenly see her little hand reach out and rest on my arm, or leg, or hand. It is the sweetest thing.