Sewing to Sell Book Review


All photos in this post are courtesy of Virginia Lindsay and her book Sewing To Sell

Hey there! It’s so fun to be back in this space. After all our moving, and decorating, and settling into life, I’m enjoying the desire to get back into creating again. Which is PERFECT, because…

Today I’m reviewing the book Sewing To Sell by my friend Virginia Lindsay, the owner and creator of Gingercake! You’ve actually seen a couple of her patterns on this blog before (I reviewed her penguin pillow and owl purse patterns HERE). As I said before, this is PERFECT, because I’ve been working behind the scenes on some exciting new ventures that fall right within the topic of Virginia’s new book, Sewing To Sell: The beginner’s guide to starting a craft business.


Virginia’s been in the business for a long time, and she’s made a fantastic success of it. If you’ve ever tried building your own handmade craft business (as I have) then you know it’s not a simple task. Not just anybody can start their own little company and make it a success. It takes an extremely creative mind, good business sense, courage, commitment, and a will of iron to never give up. I feel like everything Lindsay learned from building her business from the ground up, she has put into this book to help you and me. Thank you, Lindsay.


Here are a couple of things I liked most:

  • Virginia walks you though the process, start to finish, of identifying your unique style, establishing your ideal customer base, and then making and selling your items successfully.
  • She tells you to be true to your own aesthetic and style. Authenticity sells.
  • It’s okay to be selective. You won’t sell to everyone, so find your ideal target market and go after them.
  • She includes a comprehensive list of the machines and materials you are most likely to need for sewing items to sell.
  • I loved the interviews with successful sewers and bloggers! I loved seeing some friends interviewed in this book. It’s always fun to read about their successes, and the little details that help them in their creative work.
  • Lastly, Virginia shares a lot of her tips for developing products that will sell well in her shop (from taking notes on each pattern as she makes it over and over again, to organizing and changing them as needed). I found this part so helpful.

Possibly, the most helpful section for me was part of the Appendix called: Business Basics. As you can imagine, this section was filled with all the details you need for keeping up with your own business. Being a creative person, this is an area where I need a lot of guidance! I wish I’d had this book five years ago when I had my first booth at a craft show. I could have been a lot less stressed, and a lot better prepared.


Before I finish, there’s one more thing to add: This book includes sewing projects! (All the lovely photos in this post are from the book, courtesy of Virginia Lindsay). There are sixteen fun and useful beginning sewing projects for you to try. They fall within the following headings: Projects That Are Useful Hems, Projects That Make Best Use of Materials (brilliant), and Projects That Are Great Sellers. I found so many I want to make! So far, my life hasn’t slowed down enough to allow me the time to sew again, but I’m getting there. When I do sew something from this book, you’ll be sure to see it here! (I’d love to make a lunch box like the one pictured above, for example. In Ikat fabric, probably. Yes).

Well, that’s all for now! If this book interests you, please hop over to C+T Publishing to buy your own copy.


Thanks so much for stopping by this space. I truly love having you here! It’s a new year full of so many possibilities. Lindsay’s book was the perfect thing for me to read at this time in my life, and at this point in the year. It’s a fresh start, a new chance. I’m really hoping I can make some of my dreams a reality this year with Linsday’s help ( developing my own line of children’s clothing, for example, wink wink) .

I’d love to know: Have you read this book? Did you learn anything helpful that you can share with the rest of us?

What are your creative goals this year? Is there a creative business you’ve always wanted to try? Maybe now is the time! Best of luck to you!

Much love, Caila


I received the book Sewing To Sell as an ebook, free of charge, in exchange for my review. This did not affect my review in any way. Thank you for reading!