Sewing Summit 2013: Blog Takeover!

Happy weekend everyone! Last weekend I was at Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City and a few of us sewing bloggers thought it would be fun to swap names and write each other’s Sewing Summit wrap-up posts. Justine from Sew Country Chick drew my name and she spent the weekend playing Paparazzi, snapping pictures at me from behind walls and such. I felt so famous! Let’s see what she has to say…


Hellooooo Caila Made readers!!!
I’m Justine from the Sew Country Chick blog and I’m invading Caila’s blog today to report to you a little of Caila’s weekend at The Sewing Summit in Salt lake City this past weekend!
You see I was taking part in a top secret experiment…. My mission was to stalk Caila and report back to you, her readers about her coming and goings.

Wait…you actually thought Caila was maybe glued to her sewing machine, sweating  over her Project Run & Play post last week and checking her votes every five minutes?
Think twice. Caila was actually hamming it up in Salt Lake City getting stuck in elevators with a bunch of crazy sewing bloggers! Me included.

While you might think we spent the whole time sewing at Sewing Summit, it’s actually quite the networking, socializing, and getting to know other bloggers event. There were classes about blogging, starting a small business, social networking, photography. and branding yourself on the business and end. On the creative end, there was fabric stamping, sewing leggings, lots of quilting, sewing a blouse, refashioning…. there was something for everyone who is into sewing, whether you were a blogger or not. There were plenty of non-bloggers there as well so don’t think it was a bloggers only event.

We were so excited to finally meet up in person it was like a big party! Seriously, no kids for a whole weekend and the chance to gab about sewing and our blogs with people who actually get it? Amaaazing!

So let’s see what Caila was up to…..

Ok, I  have to post this picture of Caila hard at work taking notes here first just to prove Caila was in class! Did you know Caila is also a professional writer as well as having her sewing blog? I loved her notebook cover that she made.

Here is Caila with Rachel from Family Ever After on our first night. A bunch of us caught the train to a Mexican restaurant downtown called The Blue Iguana. Being from Southern California and spoiled on great Mexican food, Caila and I were wondering if the Mexican food in Utah was going to be good… It was excellent!

Here are a few more things about Caila:

Her smile is infectious and she is one of those people you just want to be around because she is so friendly and funny. She is quite a social butterfly!

She has a wicked sense of humor and we stayed up late, talking, laughing and being silly. The later it was the sillier we got…. Passing around bad driver’s license pictures, etc.

She’s a California girl too and maybe like me, was wondering what was up with all of the white grape juice being served at Sewing Summit? I’m just assuming because I didn’t ask her!

But unlike me, she actually looks like a California girl with her pretty blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes. She lives near the beach and that’s exactly where I imagine her. At the beach with her adorable family. Colorful, upbeat, and fun, Caila actually is a lot like the clothes she makes!

Meeting up with so many other bloggers who we knew from reading their blogs and communicating through social media was really interesting. It’s like many of us knew each other already! There is Caila above with the charming, funny, and quirky Marissa From Rae Gun Ramblings.

Ladies who lunch…. From left: Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings, Miriam from Mad Mim, Caila, Sabra from Sew A Straight Line and Melissa from I Still Love You.

With Stef from Girl. Inspired, Anne from Craft Gossip, Marissa, Jen from I Candy Handmade

Thank you Caila for letting me stop by and write about you!
Haha, what a fun post, Justine! Thank you for following me around Sewing Summit with a camera and making me feel famous. We really had a lot of fun, didn’t we! 

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    What a fun write up from Justine!! Caila, it was SO awesome to meet you!!! I loved you so much in person, and I hope that I get to meet you and hang out in real life again one day. Not only are you crazy talented, but you are so nice. I’m writing up my sewing summit recap right now… mind if I steal that pic of us? 🙂