Sew-Vivor Recap and Results!

Emerald Dress
Peplum Drummer Jacket
Quilted Surf Style

I learned three things from the dentist chair this morning:

  1. I forgot to brush my teeth before going to the dentist. Gross.
  2. I brush my teeth too hard (in general, just not this morning).
I’m not kidding, you guys. I saw the Sew-Vivor results from a chair in the dentist office while the hygienist was trying to put the paper bib around my neck! I AM SO EXCITED!!!
My goodness, what a ride it’s been. And SO MUCH FUN!
Thank you thank you thank you all for your support and votes. Obviously, my outfits for this competition would not have been a success without all you lovely people. I’m just thrilled to know that I stretched myself, put my best out there, and had such amazing results!
Creating something beautiful (or cool, as Hudson would prefer me to say) is the most amazing feeling in the world. I chase that feeling every time I spread the muslin on my cutting table, or draw in my design note book, or sit at my sewing machine. Heck, I chase that feeling from this keyboard, and the blogging community has been so instrumental in the things I’ve learned that it’s impossible for me not to say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU from the bottom of my heart.
I’m getting together something a little special for you guys as a way to say thank you (a giveaway, perhaps??) please also take a moment to go visit these ladies, the rest of the extremely talented Top 10 who participated in Sew-Vivor with me. It was a pleasure and honor to be among them and I found some amazing new ladies to follow. You will, too, I’m sure:
Melissa from MellySews (2nd place winner!)
Catlin from Call Me Cat (3rd place winner!)
Charity from Happinest 
Angelina from Jojo and Eloise
Jen from A Jennuine Life
Kaelin from The Plaid Scottie
Jessica from Dear Emmeline

Lastly, I had intended to include the tutorial for Hudson’s herringbone shorts in this post, but wouldntcha know it, my brain is too foggy from having too fillings replaced this morning and I just don’t have it in me. Soon, I promise! 
Thank you again, and YAYYYYY for SEW-VIVOR!!!


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    Hey girl! I just wanted to congratulate you again!!! You were awesome! I have a special “medal” button for you… I need to find it and then I’ll email ya. Thanks for bringing such amazing talent to the competition. I’m so happy for you 🙂

    xo, Rach

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    OMG, Caila!! I did not know you from Eve the day I commented on your ADORABLE green dress but I knew! I JUST knew you were going to WIN this thing!!! Your Darling short sleeved jacket after the green dress then those shorts! Oh My, those shorts!!!! Congratulations on the WIN Sweetie!!! You SO, OMG, yes, you SO deserved this win!!! I have been following you ever since the Green dress & have fallen in love w/ your humble nature, your eye for fabric choice & color & your Beautiful models! I personally am so excited that I have a new “someone” to look up to as far as sewing goes! You make this all seem easy as pie. Congrats again & enjoy it “UP” there!!!

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    Congratulations! You did an amazing job! You have inspired us as well…I just may start to try to desing my own outfits for my daughter, which is a leap for me. 🙂 I’ll definitely check out the others as you all did a great job.