Scandinavian Style Sewing

Stacey over at Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Crafts is hosing a fun series right now, called Scandinavian Style Sewing and today it’s my turn! Hopefully you’ve been following along, but if not, get over there right now and check out some of the understatedly cool outfits filling up her blog.

If you aren’t familiar with Scandinavian fashion, that’s ok! I’ll fill you in. Stacey explained it as funky, cool, minimalistic, and comfortable. Honestly, that sounds a lot like what my kids like to wear anyway! I thought this would be a fun time to pull out some of my favorite Girl Charlee knit fabric and make an edgy-but-fun top for my littlest guy. I love those crosses on the fabric, don’t you? They are just so, so… cool. I can’t think of another way to say it. 
The pattern I used is the Bimaa sweater PDF sewing pattern by LouBee Clothing, and yes, it’s a girl pattern. Eeep! I’ve seen a number of unisex Bimaas popping up, so I thought I’d give it a try. This is the size 2T with no alterations. The hood is assembled using three pattern pieces, which meant I had the perfect opportunity to throw some contrast in there. I love me some contrast. 

Stryder was pretty groggy after a long afternoon nap, so I propped him up against a door to get my pictures. Cute little sleepy boo.

Truth be told, Abby took one look at this top and claimed it as her own. I’ve never seen her react like that to a non-pink item, so of course I told her yes, and it’s hers from now on. The fit isn’t quite as unisex as I had hoped, which is something you might want to keep in mind if you’re shopping for a very boyish hooded t-shirt pattern. (Can anyone suggestion one by the way?). But you know I love the Bimaa pattern and will continue using it for Abby all the time! 
She was almost my model in these pictures (a pink skirt would have been involved somehow), but she fell asleep on my sewing room floor instead. 
So, I propped my little baby-rag-doll against the door and snapped away. 
Be sure to browse through the other Scandinavian-style outfits and be inspired toward more kids clothes sewing greatness. I especially love these floral pants and this jacket by Elsie Marley, and this incredible bomber jacket and dress by Cirque Du Bebe. I’m going to sign off now and go squeeze this little cuteness. Thanks for having me, Stacey! Until next time, everyone! 


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    Thank you so much Caila for sewing along with us! The Bimaa is totally Scandi inspired and I love it in the black and white crosses. Such a great fabric. I have to disagree about the fit though. One thing that’s true of global fashion is that it tend to be less gender biased. I love a close fitting hoodie on a boy but that’s clearly the influence of living in Europe for so long! And by the way, THOSE EYES!!!!!!!!

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    He’s a cutie! I think it reads boy!-Though it will be very cute on a girl too. I have this pattern- I just can’t decide which kid and which style I want to sew first!

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    I love this! You are so stinking talented. And the fabric selection is perfect. I don’t know when you don’t knock it out of the park.
    With Love,
    Al @ Shaffer Sisters