Saturday Insta-Thanks

Wow, friends: only two posts this past week. Gahh! That drives me a little bit crazy. This was a BUSY week for a number of reasons, some fun, some not-so-fun. But that’s life isn’t it? Some moments are a joy and some are a challenge, but we accept them all and hold them close because they’re all we’ve got. Yes? Yes!
I know I’m not the only one out there going through the highs and the lows. This past week I received a number of VERY encouraging emails from some of you and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. Most (all?) of you know what it’s like to have a week sprinkled with both the good and bad and I am so thankful for those who took a moment out of their own lives to shine some lovin’ into mine. Thank you so much!
Below are my Insta-Thanks for the week. (I feel like I should say, “Just add water!”).
You know what I was thinking would be fun? An Insta-Thanks link up! Is anyone interested??? Basically, I would post my Insta-Thanks every Saturday and so would you, and we could share links with each other. I will post anyone’s Insta-Thanks link who wants to participate. If you are interested, leave a comment below with your blog URL, or email me at Whohoo! 
I love looking over these. My baby boy in his green crib, Hudson’s tie shirt, Brian with his shirt over his head… fabric… a new dress!… my Abby-girl. *Sigh,* I love them all. 🙂

Line 1: What I wake up to every morning; Hudon’s tie shirt on Father’s Day; Brian home from a run under the hot California sun; Hudson playing that little game with the bead and the maze (no idea at all what it’s called).
Line 2: Fabric! (called London calling); Abby making her own lunch; birthday lunch date with Mom; our new dresses.
Line 3: Knits!; more fabric from my LA fabric district trip; new dress; Abby’s newest pair of summer shorts.
Line 4: Me and my big Hudson-boy; Stryder in a cart; goofing off at World Market during our family date; work (every morning at 5:30 a.m.).

You know what I like about this list? I lot of green and orange! Must be my color theme for the summer.

Thanks so much for reading, friends! I love reading your comments and I treasure each one, so don’t be shy if you want to comment. *wink*

My best to each of you.