Hey everyone! Sorry to post this so late, but I was waiting for the Sew-Vivor results to post over at Family Ever After and I just realized they went live a bit ago. So…. guess what? I’M SAFE! I made it through the first round of cuts in Sew-Vivor!

HUGE sigh of relief.

My next challenge is to sew something with buttons, so you know where my mind is at this moment. Everything buttons. Seven of us are going on to the next round, and let me tell you, there are some EXTREMELY talented ladies in that group so I can’t take this lying down. I’m so honored to be among them!

OK, there’s already something special on my cutting table, so I better sign off and get started. Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post! I figured you might be kind of tired of seeing that green dress over and over again. Hehe.

For a quick review on what this Sew-Vivor thing is, read this post. To see my first entry, the Emerald Dress, read this post. For a quick (ish) read on the behind-the-scenes for a momma who’s not too comfortable in front of the camera, read this.

That’s all for now, folks. I promise, more pretty things are coming (and some EXCITING announcements), but for now I have to get some sewing done. Buttons, here I come…

Until next time!