Run into my arms, 2013!

Well, wow. I feel like I’ve been gone from here for forever (!), and I just logged on and a LOT of YOU have been coming here during my absence. Thanks for coming by, and sorry I haven’t had anything new to show you! Around our house there has been a lot of stomach flu, and our internet was out for about 10 days, and we are now on vacation. So… yes, it’s been a crazy holiday season.

We are currently holed up in the most adorable, quaint hotel in San Luis Obisbo on a much deserved, much awaited family vacation. We spent the morning at Avila Beach with the chill sea air whipping around our ears, digging in wet sand, finding sea treasures, and exploring the charming town. We touched sharks at the Avila Beach Sea Life Center, ate a warm and cozy lunch at the Hula Hut, and simply spent a day delighting in each others company.
Something about ocean air, blue waves, and the roar of waves hitting the beach is so… so… restoring, don’t you think? I feel like home when I’m at a quiet beach. 
Anyway, we are now watching Winnie the Pooh (2011), with Stryder asleep in his pack-n-play in the bathroom (yes), and a minute ago I finally felt the urge to blog again. Finally.

Here’s the thing — and this is as close to a 2012 recap as you’re going to get ’cause I’ve pretty much missed the boat on that — in 2012 I pushed myself too far. I love to be busy, and I love to be productive, but in 2012 I let it go too far and I lost a little part of myself. I’ve spent the last month evaluating a few things. Namely, what matters most. There are a few essentials in my life. They are:

  • my husband
  • my three children
  • my home
  • my friends
  • my church
  • things i love to do (sew, run, write)

I have a very busy life, even without working and blogging! So I entered 2013 with a new attitude. I am simplifying by tossing things off our boat left and right. This blog isn’t going anywhere (it made the cut!), but I will be approaching things with a much more laid-back attitude from now on. I want it to be FUN for me and FUN for you, and the best way to do that is to have FUN behind the scenes. Makes sense, right?!

One last thing before I go. Do any of you have a Word of the Year? I chose one for myself before I even realized this was a “thing.” My sister-in-law and I were talking about what we wanted from 2013 and realized that we both have very specific hopes. It’s much easier to lump these under one guiding principle rather than to make a list of resolutions or goals.

My Word of the Year for 2013 is FREEDOM. I’m tired of doing things because it’s what everyone else is doing, or because I like the money, or because I want people to pay attention. Thanks to a number of factors, I am free to choose what is best for my children, best for my husband, best for me, and best for our goals. I can’t tell you how it feels to recognize this freedom and embrace it!

It brings tears to my eyes, you guys. I don’t have to do things that are hard on my family, I don’t have to! I can say no! I can do things that bring us joy! Even things that are hard, I can do with joy knowing that I was free to choose.

Thanks to God’s provision and my husband’s diligence, I am free to have a job or not. I am free to sew, I am free to blog, I am free to love life and dance and sing and open up my arms and not be so dang cramped and busy all the time. I AM FREE!

God has been speaking so many things to my heart, and I am free to share those things, too, if I choose! I am free to be me! I have said it before, and I will keep saying it and saying it and saying it until I pay attention: I only have one life and I will not waste it. I will not miss this!

This year I’ll do my best to “fight the gnawing hunger for productivity,” as Kari Patterson so aptly puts it in her e-book, Plenty. This year, I’m going to let go of things that don’t matter and embrace FREEDOM.

I’ve had a taste of it this past month, with my latest job over and no internet (for crying out loud) and it was a beautiful, beautiful thing. It turns out I’m a pretty darn good home-maker when I’m not crazed and over-worked.

So, three cheers for freedom and a new year! Ours started with the stomach flu and literally purging ourselves (yuck! too much information, Caila!), and I think it portends well for the year ahead. We are purging the old, and only letting in the best of 2013. Can I get an Amen?

Bless you all: you are so special! You are beautiful, and one-of-a-kind, and no one else can be YOU. I am so excited to get to know you better. Kisses!

“We’ll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne.”


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    Love it Caila! Freedom is a great word of the year! I loved your outlook…..I could use some of that too 😉 looking forward to fun posts and freedom!

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    Awesome post and so much of it rang true! It’s so easy to fall into the “yes” trap, when really it’s up to us to set those limits and hold our time sacred. Best of luck to you and I’m excited to see what 2013 brings! You’re a fun lady to know and I’m glad we got to be friends last year!

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    I love that… free to choose… even hard things… with joy (unto The Lord). Sometimes things have to be taken away from us to prune us into His image, and sometimes we choose to let go. Looking forward to following you in 2013. Ps. We LOVE the beach, especially central coast- enjoy it! Much Peace from SD, CA

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    I enjoyed this post immensely. Freedom is a great word! Mine this year is Present… as in, be more! Putting the phone and ipad away whenever my kids are around. 🙂 Good luck in 2013!

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    How did I miss this post?! I LOVE THIS ONE!!!! I agree wholeheartedly with all that you said! You are beautiful,too. I love hearing how God is speaking into your heat and I love your goals for yourself and your life. I agree. I think I reached a reflective point at the end of 2012 where I realized that I can’t let “these things” namely blogging or what other people think of that define my worth and who I am. I have embraced freedom!!! Let’s hold each other accountable! P.S. I really wanted to call you, but I haven’t put you into my new phone yet, because I couldn’t transfer my numbers and I have so many people to add! And P.P.S You are a writing dork… who uses the word “portends”? JK I love you more because you use the word “portends”. HAhaha!