Ruffled Clutch Sew-along: making the pattern

DSC04168ruffled-clutch-sewing-patternWell, last week a lot of fun! I’m really feeling the love after all the signups to test my Desert Rose dress. Thank you for all the interest you expressed, and the general encouragement I received about the pattern. It’s going to be a great month!

What better way to start off the beautiful month of may, the month when we celebrate Moms, with a clutch sew-along? I knew you’d like that idea! The Love Letter Clutch is one of my most popular tutorials and I get daily requests for the pattern. I thought it would be fun to go through the process of turning the Love Letter Clutch into a Ruffled Clutch together in honor of Mother’s Day. This will be a quick series, just a couple posts, but I will walk you through the steps of creating this beautiful and stylish piece using my FREE downloadable clutch pattern. In the past I was emailing the pattern to anyone who requested it, but that has become a little overwhelming. You can now receive the pattern by signing up for my newsletter below:

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Before we get going any further, I also want to direct you to a tutorial where you can learn how to make your OWN clutch pattern if you are using a different sized frame than the one called for in my pattern (or in case you don’t want to sign up for my newsletter, ahem). This tutorial on How To Create A Clutch Pattern for Any Frame will teach you everything you need to know. Now go make a clutch pattern, or sign up for the newsletter to receive your free pattern, and we can get started!

Turn Any Clutch into a Ruffled Clutch Using the Slash and Spread Method: 

Today I’m going to show you how to take any clutch pattern and turn it into a ruffled clutch. It’s pretty simple, really.

  • Cut out your clutch template.
  • Cut out two pieces from your lining fabric and set them aside.


  • Find the center point of your pattern by folding it in half. Draw a line down the crease. Now measure 2″ out from each side and draw another line. (Sorry my lines are so faint in the picture below).



  • Using a pair of scissors or a rotary cutter with an old blade, cut along these lines from the bottom up to the top, but stop right before you cut all the way through. Leave a little piece of the paper holding on at the top. See how you can spread the pieces apart now, but the top stays intact? Cool, huh?
  • Tape the slashed pattern to a piece of computer paper. Spread the pattern as far as you can with the paper oriented horizontally. You will be tracing around the outside of this, so try to keep the tape on the inside, rather than outside edges of the template.


  • Trace around the template with a pencil or pen.



  • Remove the original template, taking care not to rip the paper. Congratulations, you now have a Ruffled Clutch template!


  • Cut out two pieces of your main fabric.


You should now have two outer pieces and two lining pieces ready to sew! If you’re using my template for 5″ metal frame clutch, now is the time to go out and buy one. Next week we will move on to Part II: How to ruffle and sew your clutch. I’m looking forward to it!


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  1. Lynn brown says

    Love this ruffled version of the clutch,will be making this for sure.

  2. Rosemary says

    This is really cute
    I hope to get the PDF in my email. I can’t find it though

  3. Tonya S. says

    I signed up for the monthly newsletter and confirmed my subscription, however, I’ve yet to receive a link for the free pattern. Is there somewhere I need to go to obtain it?