Ruffle shorts sneaky peaky

In keeping with the ruffles theme of Monday’s post, my double ruffle sleeves for Kate’s series, I thought it would be fun to give you a preview of these ruffle shorts I made for Abby. These were made using my FREE shorts pattern. With just a few little tweaks you can do so many things with that pattern.

I photographed a tutorial for you guys, intending to share this in Kate’s series rather than the t-shirt sleeves, but then I fell in love with those double ruffles and there was no going back.

These shorts are definitely more over-the-top than my usual style, and NOT my favorite thing I’ve ever made, but Abby feels like a rock star wearing them. A ruffly, princess-in-shorts kind of rock star. How can I argue with that, I ask you? How?

If your little girl likes ruffles as much as mine does, perhaps you’d be interested in a tutorial? It would be fun to show you how to alter my shorts pattern (there are really a million things you could do with it). What do you think? Should I share a tute for these ruffle shorts?

In other news, I came down with a real doozy of a cold over the weekend, complete with headaches, congestion and a killer sore throat. The start of Project Run & Play (PRAP) is just around the corner, so I can’t afford to rest much. I’ve been dragging my poor body around sewing, cutting, and designing my creative heart out. Don’t you just sometimes wish you never had to sleep or rest? I do. I could sew all night long if my body didn’t make me stop.

If you haven’t read my Project Run & Play bio, head on over now and take a look. You might not hear much from me here this week since I’m focusing on getting things ready for the big reveal of my first PRAP look next week. In the mean time, Happy Sewing and have a wonderful week!

PSST… Do you follow me on Facebook yet? If not, hope over and “like” my page! I’ll be sharing my projects and the voting schedule over there during Project Run and Play (and here, of course). It’s a great place to stay connected and get to know each other better. I hope to see you there! 

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