Roly-Poly Pinafore Blog Tour!

I have a treat for you today, friends! Today I’m a part of the Roly-Poly Pinafore blog tour by Imagine Gnats, which means I had the pleasure of reviewing this adorable pattern and playing with some beautiful fabric. Double yay!
(It’s actually a triple yay kind of a day, because I have a GIVEAWAY today, too! Read to the bottom for details on how to win your own copy of the Roly-Poly Pinafore pattern.)

The Roly-Poly Pinafore sewing pattern (in pdf) was recently released by my friend, Rachael, of Imagine Gnats. I jumped at the chance to review her pattern because I just feel so dang proud when I see fellow bloggers, friends of mine, begin releasing patterns. Based on Rachael’s reputation for attention to detail and her absolute LOVE of the sewing craft, I knew her pattern would be a pleasure to sew. It was.

Honestly, my favorite thing about this pattern is that it’s accessible to beginners. Most of the patterns I currently sew are meant for intermediate sewists, or at least people who can stomach sewing five (or more) button holes for one outfit. When I first started sewing, I was always looking for simple patterns with a dramatic effect; projects that wouldn’t leave me too frustrated with finicky details. This is exactly that sort of pattern. It’s quick, well-fitting, adorable, and made me feel happy. And who doesn’t want to feel happy while they sew?

The pinafore style makes this top perfect for Spring and Summer. You might not believe me, but it was over 90 degrees here today! And it’s only going to get worse this summer! My kids are in serious need of some breezy clothing, which means this pinafore is going to make an appearance in her wardrobe more than once. I already have another on the cutting table, and I almost NEVER sew the same pattern twice in a row. (Rachael, I’m serious. I almost never do this!)

Here are a few more details:
  • I made the reversible version, and added buttons to the inside of the pinafore in addition to the outside buttons. I wasn’t able to get pictures of the reverse side yet, but once I do I’ll post them here for sure!
  • I used fabrics from the Indian Summer line by Sarah Watson for Art Gallery Fabrics. These prints are perfect for summer and better yet, Abby didn’t complain about not wearing pink!
  • This is a size 3T, with no alterations. 
  • I added the pockets. (This pattern has GREAT instructions for the pockets).
  • Construction time was approximately 2 hours from start to finish. That includes the buttons and button holes. Like I said, quick and simple. 

Some pictures of the reverse view are below. This is my favorite way for Abby to wear the pinafore, but these pics were snapped inside right before picking up my oldest from school, so they aren’t as pretty as the outdoor ones.

I also made Abby a couple pairs of Summer Shorts to go with her Roly Poly Pinafore. I’ve been working on a few more sizes for my FREE Summer Shorts Pattern, and these are a size 3T. I’ll keep you posted when (if) I have the time to grade it to more sizes. (I reeeally hope I can!)

That’s all for today! I encourage you to head on over and pick up one of Rachael’s Roly Poly Pinafore patterns. I received the pattern free for review, but all the opinions in this post are (absolutely) my own, and I would have bought the pattern anyway!

Now, TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: Please leave a comment below telling me how hot it gets in your area over the summer, and why you would like to win the Roly-Poly Pinafore pattern. I can’t wait to read your answers! I’ll leave the giveaway up until Saturday at midnight EASTERN time and announce the winner here on Monday. Good luck!

Take a moment to check out the Flickr Group, and the other ladies on the Blog Tour. It’s a talented group:

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Thanks Rachael, for the chance to be a part of your tour. Happy sewing, everyone!

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  1. says

    Wow! I love it in the Indian Summer line – too cute!! I’d love to win a copy of this pattern — I live in South Carolina and we get the heat and humidity! This year, my little one is toddling and I know we’ll be outside a great deal more this year than last! 🙂


  2. says

    How adorable! I live in the PNW, so our summer weather is crazy. It can be cool and rainy, then soar to the 80s (sometimes even 90s). We also live in a tall, skinny townhouse – the rooms on the top floor are usually at least 10 degrees warmer than outside on a sunny day!

    I’d love to win the pattern because I just replaced my old $60, 2-stitch Brother machine with a fancy new Janome. I’ve yet to do any garment sewing for my girl, and I can’t wait to try it out!!!

  3. says

    yo vivo al sur de España, en Córdoba, donde hace bastante calor en verano, podemos alcanzar más de 40 grados, el patrón me gusta mucho pues mi mejor amiga tiene una niña pequeña.
    Un saludo Paqui

  4. says

    I live in Southwest Missouri. The heat is hot, but the humidity?!? Insane. This Summer I’ll be 6-9 months pregnant. Pray for me!!! I can’t wait to make a pinafore for my daughter–she loves to get dirty!!

  5. says

    I live in Toronto and it was so hot last year. With humidity, it often felt like 100-113 degrees! And my air conditioner would only cool one room down to 79 degrees. It was not fun, especially since I was pregnant! Hopefully the weather is more reasonable this year 🙂

    I’d love to win the roly-poly pinafore pattern because I think my baby would look adorable in it, and I would like to sew both of us outfits using the same fabric. I already know what I’m going to make for myself, and this would be perfect for her!

  6. says

    I’m in England so we don’t really get very hot weather! in fact last summer it rained the entire time!
    I’d love to make a roly poly for Stella!

  7. Rachel Thomson says

    I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. On the southern coast, and so it is beautiful weather here in the summer! nice and sunny, and not too warm, and because we are right on the water no humidity:) I would love to sew this pattern for my 8 and 4 year old girls!

  8. says

    Seriously, the best about California (besides all the great people and the fabric stores and the Mexican food) is that we have 6 months of summer. Here, east bay, on hot summer days we will have 90+ dergrees, but most of the times it’s in the upper 70s. <3 it 🙂

  9. Anonymous says

    Here in England the summers can be quite erratic. So far spring has not properly sprung and we are all feeling a little bit fed up with the grey and chill… this lovely pinafore would be perfect for an extra layer on the chillier days of our summer. Anna

  10. says

    Here in Valencia it gets really really hot. Around 39 degrees Celsius. And the humidity is so high that sometimes you can hardly breath. Staying indoors is a must between 11 and 16 hours! Thanks for the giveaway! My girl will love this! I already have done fabric for this!

  11. says

    Love your versions of that – so very cute, well done!
    The weather in the UK in the summer is not great, today has been cold and wet and a number of people I know have the heating on which is generally unheard of! But I hope this year will be better and I can make some of these for my girls.
    thanks for the chance

  12. says

    OH Calla, I love it its so cute and I an in Texas between Houston & Galveston and it gets hot in the 100’s here and I have 2 grand daughters that sweat like their Granny(me) in the big Menapause. The girls would be so cool all summer here in these!!!!!!

  13. says

    You must be in Southern Ca like me. It has been close to 100 over the past 3-4 days. Today feels almost chilly in the upper 70’s! I tried to make a pinafore from a tutorial, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to make the pattern pieces.I will be estatic if I win !

  14. says

    I love the top you made – so cute! It gets to over 100 degrees where I live in Colorado (at least a few times a summer)! I would love this pattern!

  15. says

    If spring ever arrives in Michigan, it will usually get up to 90 a couple times each summer. I want to make this top for some of my little friends. I make kids clothes and give them to little people in my neighborhood.

  16. says

    Your pinafore is very cute. I live in South Georgia and it gets very hot here. I would love to make this for my 3 small granddaughters. Thanks for the chance to win

  17. says

    Summer arrived today!! It was 88 degrees here in NC. The summer heat and humidity really sets in around August and is often high 90s and even in the 100s then, with real feel in the 110s! I would LOVE to win this pattern and make a few for my almost 2 yr old’s wardrobe


  18. says

    Oh this pinafore is just too cute. I love that it’s reversible as well. I’m in northern California and it gets hot here! It’s been 108 before and I din’t do well in the heat. It was 94 this past weekend! I don’t remember our spring, all of a sudden it’s summer, hehe. I have a few great-nieces that I could make this pinafore for, as well as I’m hoping grandbaby #2 is in the future and we’ll be Blessed with a girl this time.

    Thank you and Imagine Gnats for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  19. says

    This turned out so well! I love the fabrics that you chose. These types of tops are just adorable on little girls and your daughter is no exception- she looks like a doll in it! Such a sweetie!

    Jenny @ The Southern Institute

  20. says

    I love this – it looks brilliant. I haven’t tried sewing clothes yet but if you say its easy maybe I should give it a go! I live in Indonesia where it is hot and humid all the time. Would love to win this for a friend of mine who has a little girl (I only have boys!)

  21. says

    I love this pattern, and I bet my niece would love a top like this. It get’s to be around 80, sometimes 90 in southern Minnesota, so this top would be perfect!

  22. says

    I love this! I just started sewing and would love a pattern like this for my daughter Lily. We live in Germany, and it hasn’t been that hot yet… Today it is getting up to 72 which will be wonderful! I love the 70s, so I am not complaining. We don’t have air conditioning over here (houses or work) so when it gets to the 80s, it doesn’t feel so wonderful.

  23. says

    i live in Michigan now, where summers are reasonably mild. But I’m from Houston and the deep south of Georgia (St. Simon’s Island) where summer regularly reaches 110F and up… with 100% humidity. Let’s not forget. That’s where *steamy summer nights* originated.

    It’s in the mid 70s here today tho… so I’m enjoying it while it lasts. Eventually we’ll get into the 90s but that’s still a few weeks away.

  24. says

    I live in So. Cal., and it was 100 on Mother’s Day. Over the summer, I jump from air conditioned space to air conditioned space like a kid playing Don’t Touch the Lava, because I’m pretty sure it’s hot enough here to boil a human.

    I vote for Tasha! Being pregnant in the summer is the worst!!!

    Also, Paqui said, “I live in the South of Spain, in Cordoba, where the summers are really hot. We can reach over 40 degrees. I like the pattern a lot because my best friend has a little girl.” (Guessing that’s 40 celsius, so 104 here?)

  25. Anonymous says

    in my area it get’s 35° – Celcius 🙂 I’m from Germany. Well I just got this temperature converted and it seems to be 95°F. These are the warmest days, but for them we are in a desperate need of breezy clothes. So I hope I’ll be lucky. (annikaferk(at)googlemail(dot)com)

  26. says

    This top is adorable! I’m in Ohio and it can get pretty hot and humid in the summer. We usually get a few weeks of 90+ degrees with high humidity. This would be nice and cool and comfy for my daughter to play in.

  27. says

    This is just stunning Caila! The top and the photos. I’m quite jealous of your weather 🙂 I almost made mine with the woodland Indian Summer print until I spotted yours on IG. It’s such an amazing line. Really cute shorts too.

  28. says

    It can easily get into triple digits here in The Land of Enchantment! My new granbaby girl is coming home this summer from Germany to see me for the FIRST time!! She will be 6-7 months, (DD not sure if they will be here June or July) so Princess Charlotte will need a nice summery pinafore to wear while we tour the Zoo & Parks that Beautiful Albuquerque NM have to offer!! She is such a Beauty, and I LOVE this type of dresses/tops on babies w/ ruffle butt bloomers underneath!! I would LOVE to win this pattern. Good Luck to ALL who enter!!! Thank you Caila for this opportunity!!

  29. says

    Ola Calia .. Here in the middle of Europe we have in summer about 35-40°C. I will this pattern for my little daughter. She is like a sun for me. Thank you Lenka

  30. says

    We are spending the summer in Boulder, CO for the first time so I’m not too sure how hot it will get, but today it’s 77F.

  31. says

    In Arkansas, summer highs are usually in the mid to upper 90’s though it’s not unusual to have a few 100+ days. I would make the Roly-poly pinafore for my friend’s daughter.

  32. says

    We live in northern Minnesota, and while it regularly dips below zero in the winter, it also tops 95 in the summer.

  33. Mickey says

    It was 95 yesterday here in North Carolina. I have started sewing for my almost 5 year old granddaughter. This would be a great pattern to use for the upcoming summer (that seems to have arrived early.)

  34. says

    I know the giveaway is over, but I just had to tell you how much I loved this RPP! Perfect fabric selection, Caila!

  35. says

    Oh I love this so much! I don’t have children, but just the other day I was thinking this Roly Poly Pinafore would be perfect. And there you went and made it with Indian Summer! Yay! Beautiful work! I’ve put a link to your project on my blog, I hope you don’t mind.