Red Linen Shorts {Back to School Sewing}

Sorry for the radio silence around here, friends. After such a busy summer I’ve sort of lapsed into lazily enjoying life. I’ve been sewing a lot (which you already know if you follow me on Instagram: @cailamade); I just haven’t taken the time to edit photos and post. Sorry about that! I’m so glad you’re here anyway. 🙂

Today I want to share with you my FAVORITE thing I’ve ever made for Hudson. I know, I probably say that a lot, but this time I MEAN IT.

I made these red linen shorts for my five-year-old kindergarten boy using the shorts pattern from Happy Homemade Vol. 2. That’s nothing new to you if you’ve already seen the Gold Fever shorts, or Hudson’s Gray Shorts. Tracing the pattern for these shorts is probably some of the most valuable time I’ve ever spent in my sewing room.

The pattern is in Japanese and does not include seam allowances, which can pose a problem for beginning sewers. After some trial and error I have it pretty much down pat, so I’m working on a post that details some of the trickier parts. One of my next projects is a pair of linen pants from this pattern, so the post will come along at the same time.

I love this pattern because of the distinctly boy-ish details, like the front and back pockets. That’s a gray heavy-duty thread you see in the top stitching. I thought it looked cool against the red.

The linen I used for these shorts is a very heavy weave–nice and sturdy for shorts. I bought it at Tex Carmel in the LA Fabric district. The vertical weave is red, and the horizontal weave is a very thick strand of cream/tan, giving the linen great texture and interest.

As you can see I used a contrasting pocket and waistband with gray striped shirting. I’m nervous every time I do this, but I wanted the shorts to have some pizzaz and just went with it. Since we’ve received a lot of compliments on these, I guess it works!

Here are some pics of Hudson wearing his shorts to school. We paired them with a black Quicksilver shirt which is a little big, but Hudson loves it because, “It looks like Daddy.”

Don’t you just love when kids stick there tongues out in pictures? NOT!!  This is his, “Stop taking pictures of me!” face.
Thanks for checking in, friends! Now that school’s under way, how have your daily lives changed? Do have more time to sew, or less?
Have a great weekend! 


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    I have LESS, and none of my kids are in school yet! hahahaha! But, I am working at my mom’s studio, now really “running” it and my time for sewing during nap time just went out the window. I think in a few weeks, I will be able to find my pockets of time! 🙂 But these are really neat shorts, Caila! I’ve got to go sew this minute!!!

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    I really like these shorts! They remind me of “Clam Diggers” and I could totally see him at the beach wearing these too. And what a great model!