Question Answered: Bias Tape Fold

After theĀ Bias Tape Tutorial, my mom asked a good question:

“Can you illuminate how we make one side just a tiny bit shorter than the other?”

Great question, mom!

Here’s the picture she is referring to from the original tutorial:

And here is a close up to demonstrate what I mean by “make one side just a tiny bit shorter than the other:”

Can you see how the top edge of my bias tape is just a hair shorter than the bottom edge? I’d say 1/16 of an inch is the perfect difference.

I hope this helps! I’m working on another tutorial now that will show you how to add your bias tape to a project, so stay tuned!

Thanks for sharing part of your day here with me! I hope you’re all having a wonderful Tuesday. Please let me know if you have any more questions about how to Make Your Own Bias Tape!


  1. says

    Ok, thank you for helping us on that question! Your hand made bias tape is so pretty that it is clear to me why you would want to make your own. It raises the quality of your products higher – and this shows!

  2. Anonymous says

    Have you tried the method where you run the strips under a pin. Step 1 secure a wide(7-10 inches) of fabric around the width of your ironing board. Step 2 place a long pin thru the fabric at 2 spots, this leaves a gap in the center. by varying the gap you control how wide the strip will fold. Step 3 start the strip of fabric under the pin with the fold started. Step 4 gradually pull the fabric under the pin creating the fold. if you iron as you pull, it will will stay folded. Set up another pin “tunnel” and you have the next fold done. Works pretty good.