Project Run and Play Week 3: Rad in Plaid

It’s week three of Project Run & Play, and friends… I feel like I’ve been on quite a creative journey. This competition has already taught me so much! I left for Sewing Summit in the middle of last week, and therefore needed to have this outfit finished before flying to Utah. And yes, before you ask, it was crazy busy! Sketching, sewing, planning, packing. I can’t believe I got it all done, but I did. 

I’m excited to share my Rad in Plaid look with you today!

Plaid/Floral Tunic
The centerpiece of this outfit is Abby’s plaid and floral shift tunic. The front piece is plaid linen cut on the bias and the back is a vintage floral voile. The textures and weights of the fabrics work together remarkably well, and I love modern-vintage pairing. The neckline has a sweet keyhole in the front and is bound with bias tape ties. The arm holes are loose and roomy (perfect skating attire!) and were finished using bias tape facings.

The hem is my favorite part! Instead of hemming the tunic straight across (or even using the high-low hemline that is so popular these days) I decided to go with a petal hem. I think this adds a whimsical touch to the top, and keeps it feeling youthful. 
Kneepads and Leggings
Little purple leggings and kneepads finish off the skater girl look. I used the pattern by Lil’ Blue Boo for the leggings but finished the bottom edge with a binding of black polka dot knit instead of a traditional hem. I used a bright pink zig zag stitched because, heck, it felt edgy and fun! 
The little hot pink flowers were stenciled on using glittery fabric paint and Abby thanked me profusely for this little detail. 

The kneepads were so fun to make! They are linen on the front (made with scraps from the tunic) and hot pink cotton on the back side. In between are layers of batting to protect Abby’s little knees from the hard concrete. The kneepads secure to her legs using black elastic and velcro. 

SO FUN!! I think she makes a pretty cute skater girl, don’t you? 

Please enjoy the rest of these pictures, and then head over to VOTE FOR ME at Project Run & Play! If I make it through this round I will make it into the Top 3 Final Round. I reeeeally want to make it through, and it only takes seconds to vote, so please do! Thank you so much, everyone!!

Thank you so much for reading and supporting me, friends!


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    I was hoping for some plaid on the bias. Thanks for helping me out. Your look is playful and something my daughter would love. I may have a plaid on the bias dress in the plans for me too.

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    Caila, this made me smile! Such a fun, fresh take on plaid. And definitely perfect for a California girl! Abby looks adorable and definitely seems like she had fun skating. Hoping you make it into the top 3!!!

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      Thank you April!! You’re always so supportive and I appreciate it so much! And I always know you’ll get my California looks, being a CA girl yourself. 🙂

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    YES! so cute and love that you made plaid summery/youthful/fun! i agree that the best design comes from the heart, for sure. take care, caila!

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    I LOVE this Caila!! I can appreciate this whole look too since I grew up in Redondo Beach 🙂 This photo shoot is absolutely perfection too! I was smiling the whole time I scrolled through your post. You are just amazing (but you already know I think that).


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    You got my vote for this week. Just wanna let you know that it’s my favorite plaids outfits so far and your girl really adorable in these shots. I hope you will still share the looks for the next week with us. I believe it will as wonderful as always.