Project Run and Play Week 2: Candy Button Baby

Hey there everyone and welcome to another week of Project Run & Play! I’ve been pretty absent on the Internets and all social media since PR&P began, and that’s because I’ve been busting my tushy at the sewing machine. I mean, seriously, did you see that talent last week? I’m going to have to really push myself if I want to stay in this thing! That said, THANK YOU for voting for me and bringing me back another week. I’m so excited to share my Candy Inspired look with you today!
So, first off let’s just go ahead and acknowledge it: I made a BOY OUTFIT for CANDY WEEK. I like to push the envelope like that. The moment I thought of these old fashioned candy buttons, I was done for. No little candy dresses here, it’s 1950’s gangsta baby all the way. As a big fan of all things vintage for little boys and old fashioned candy, I’m in love in love in love with this outfit. Read below for the details!

Suspender Slacks
I drafted these pants from my son’s measurements as part of my ongoing work on this shorts pattern (also in use here). Before this, I’ve only drafted shorts for my baby boy, so I had a lot of fun reworking the shorts into pants. I wanted to get the leg just right–not too slim for a 1950s look, but not too wide either. The resulting fit is perfect for his little body. 
As you can see, I made the body of the pants in a camel-colored twill and added contrasting seersucker to the front and pockets. Seersucker is a classic and reminds me of eras gone by, so I just couldn’t resist. The pants also have slash pockets, a faux fly, and elastic waistband. They also have suspenders! 
The suspenders are attached with plastic cloth diaper snaps (my new favorite notion!) and are removable. They keep the pants from slipping down is diaper bum and are also–let’s face it–just too darn cool for school. It took a few tweaks, but I got the fit for these suspenders just right in the end. I think I see a tutorial for these in my future. 

The suspenders were made using 1″ wide elastic, genuine leather, and cloth diaper snaps to secure them to the pants and allow them to be removable. 
Candy Button Tie
There’s no denying it, this outfit is all designed around the Candy Button Tie. 
I used a great tutorial by Very Homemade to create the body of the tie, and then added 24 cloth diaper snaps to imitate candy buttons. These are available in the cloth diapering section of my local Joann Fabric & Crafts store
I cannot tell you how much I LOVE THIS TIE. Styder loves it so much he tried to eat it a few times, I’m not even kidding you! I sewed it with Kona Cotton in white for the outside, and a very fine weave chambray for the lining. You can see the back of the tie with the snaps in the photo below. Pretty cool, huh?
Fedora Hat
In my opinion, every 1950s-inspired outfit needs a dashing fedora hat. 
I made this one using the excellent pattern by Elegance & Elephants and added the same snaps to the band to tie everything in together. The fedora hat is made from blue wool purchased at my local Joann’s and Kona Cotton in white for the band. The lining is this Indian Summer print by Sarah Watson. 

Candy Button-Up Shirt
Last but not least is the classic button-up shirt. It’s a basic Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt but with a few alterations in length and width to fit my little guy’s frame.
 I folded the arm hem up instead of under, and added a fun little leather tab which is secured with another plastic snap. I also used these snaps instead of buttons on the button placket. It makes this shirt so easy to put on and take off! 

There are a few little details on the shirt that are hard to see in pictures: mainly that the pocket and back yolk are cut on the bias. I know these details don’t make a huge difference in an online competition, but it ads so much to dimension to the shirt when you see it in person. I also took extra care with all the topstitching and have to tell you, I think it’s some of my best work. Thank goodness for variegated thread in blue! It looks great on this fine weave chambray. 

And phew. I think those are all the details folks. If you stuck with me so far, you’re a rock star! Thank you for reading and PLEASE take a moment to VOTE FOR ME HERE. The polls close on Thursday night the 19th, so don’t miss your chance! I’d love to make it into the next round. 
Love you all! 


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    The details you put in this outfit are amazing, and you make me want to try those snaps. I’d love to see a tutorial about them, and the scoop about how easy or difficult they are to work with.

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    First of all, I LOVE that you made something for a boy for this challenge! Your look really stands out. I also love the concept, the execution is brilliant, the pants are TO DIE FOR. Great job Caila I am sooo impressed!

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    So cute! You have done a great job (and picked a great candy) on this. It makes me want to sit down and sew up three little outfits just like this for my twin 3-year-olds and my 6-year-old, especially those suspender pants!

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    I LOVE this!!!! I’m definitely going to make a candy button tie for my little man! Yours was the only candy inspired outfit that I liked, and this is the first time I’ve ever been to your blog…I came over from another one of the contestants.

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    Caila you have out done yourself on this “sweet” outfit for one of the cutest little guys ever! Love all of the detail and I am always amazed by all the different ideas that you come up with!

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    Caila, this is amazing! And yes, a tutorial on those adorable suspenders would be awesome! I love all the details and using cloth diaper snaps was genius!!

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    Well done caila!! This is so well done and with such sweet details. I hope you make it through to next week because you really deserve to!! One of my votes went to you!!:)

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    Oh Caila! When I found you, you had just made a VERY awesome dress that you, in ALL your curvy awesome sauce glory, modeled. I have watched you grow in your sewing skills since then & this outfit knocks it outta the park for me! I honestly think this is your BEST work to date!!! This post really makes me long for a boy!! Wow, you have really outdone yourself & do hope you are BURSTING w/ pride! You surely get MY vote!!