Project Run and Play: Popover Sundress {Week One}

*NOTE: The link from Project Run & Play wasn’t working this morning, so I created this post for those of you coming from over there. If you’d like to see the original post, with all the comments!, head over here. Thanks!!

Ohmigoodness, I can’t believe it’s that time. Today is the start of Project Run & Play Season 7! Pinch me, am I really a contestant? Yes I am… breath deep, breath slow. 

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The challenge this week was to remix the Popover Sundress by Oliver + S. If you’ve been at all involved in the online sewing community for the past few years, then you’ve already seen this pattern around. It’s great, it’s simple, it’s perfect for Spring and Summer. That’s my kind of pattern to remix, y’all! 
OK, to start with, let me tell you that I held on to certain parts of the Popover style because I think they’re genius. Like the bias straps, for example. I kept them because they are iconic to the piece, and because they make the dress super wearable for our still-over-100-degree weather. Oh, and who am I kidding, I kept them because Abby really likes them. How can I say no to this girl?
So now let’s take a look at what is uniquely ME about this piece. First of all–I couldn’t help myself–I added side panels. Oh you know me and side panels (here, there, everywhere). But these side panels are extra special because they curve out dramatically from top to bottom and add that whimiscal “swing” at the hem. AND, they are covered in mini hexis! (Hang on for a few more paragraphs if you need clarification on what “hexis” are). The hexis are clustered at the bottom and gradually spread apart as they travel upward on the dress. 

The front and back pieces of the dress are actually curved, too, adding to the dramatic swoosh at the bottom.

The dress also has half-hexi pockets for storing treats and other goodies. No really, each pocket is shaped like half a hexigram! I really love that detail. Especially with the little yellow calico print peaking out. The pockets are really roomy inside, giving Abby ample room for storing treasures. 

The front and back pieces of the yoke are curved, rather than straight across like in the O+S version. I like the way that curve adds a playful, childish look to the shape of the dress. The most obvious detail on the front yoke is, of course, those sweet little hexis.  

I drafted the front yoke so that it cuts away between each hexi. It took me a lot of tries to get those notches right, but it worked! (I think it took 8 different attempts to get it right. Every time I wanted to give up I thought, “Giving up is for chumps!” and carried on). I wanted each little hexi to stand out against bare skin, and I love the result. Don’t you just want to kiss that little bumble bee?  

“Just what are ‘hexis’?” To clarify, the word “hexi” refers to cute little hexagrams made of fabric that are appliquéd by hand or machine on to a base fabric. They are typically used in quilting, but I do not like to follow such rules (obvsly). 

The hexis on the side panels of this dress took quite a lot of time to apply. I mean, you can imagine it. First, I hand stitched each one using the English paper piecing technique. Then I ironed each one, removed the basing stitches and paper, pined them to the dress, and stitched them down with my machine. How many hours did that take? Oh goodness, I don’t even know! 

So dang worth it. 


I continued the hexi theme into Abby’s hair with little Hexi Hair Clips! Super fun, right? These are little hexagrams of fabric (also prepared using English Paper Piecing) hand-stitched onto a backing of felt. I added little hair clips to the back and voila! I’m working on a tutorial for them now and should have that to you later this week. 

A few last little details about the dress:
I used a rolled hem for this dress, rather than the wider hem called for in the Popover pattern. I like how a tiny hem makes the dress look dainty and allows for that swoop at the bottom. The yoke pieces each required 2 pieces of fabric rather than the one in the Popover pattern, because my yoke are curved and couldn’t be folded on the top edge. Hmm… I think that’s about it! Oh, except for one thing I can’t forget…

The fabrics I used!

Thank you so much for visiting me today! If you’re new here, visiting from the PRAP blog, please browse around and stay awhile. And I would really, really appreciate if you would all head over and VOTE FOR ME to stay in the competition! I have something really great brewing for next week and want to make it into the next round. Thank you all so much! Leave some comment love below and I’ll be sure to answer any questions you might have. Love you all! 


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    I love your look! I had planned on (back when I thought I could swing sewing along and being incredibly pregnant) creating a similar silhouette. I love how your side panel makes that hem swing out. Great job!

  2. says

    Wish I’d read all of this before I voted. I didn’t really see all of the detail that went into this dress. It really is a great pattern remix! I hope you do stay in the competition. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of your projects.

  3. says

    This is the happiest little dress. Those half-hexi pockets are genius! You took so many little details and incorporated them so well together!

  4. says

    What a wonderful dress! The color combination is absolutely gorgeous!
    And, it’s funny, I’ve added the same kind of pockets on the remix I made…
    God luck!

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    I want to thank each and every one of you SO MUCH for these comments! I was going to try and respond to everyone, but I just finished replying to the comments on my *other* post (oops, there are two identical posts today!) and I’m beat. Gotta head to bed and then work on my Week 2 look tomorrow. I appreciate you all so much!! Mwah. Love you all!

  6. says

    What a fabulous, fun little dress! I’d love to know what you did to make the bottom kick out like that – it is such a great detail!

  7. Anonymous says

    I VOTED for your creation on Project RUN AND PLAY Popover Sundress variations from an Oliver + S free pattern! I loved your choice of chevron fabric in VIVID colors plus the white swing panels with about 20 small hexagons randomly placed on each side — FAB! Caila, you did a PERFECT job designing & sewing your challenge for the 1st week of the contest. Your young daughter is a great model… so many poses with such sharp photos too! BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!!! Sarah Helene in Minneapolis, MN


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