Princess Tea Party {Abby Turns Three}

Hello, friends, I’m finally back after a week of recovering from last weekend. It was filled with pink, and tissue pompoms, and bunting banners, and tea parties, and candles, and cake, and more cake, and did I mention all the PINK? Yes, that’s right: our little girl had a birthday last weekend. She turned THREE (how?!) and we celebrated by hosting, not one, but two birthday parties.

Yes, two parties. You might have to revive me with those paddle-thingies the EMT’s use. But don’t tell my husband I said “paddle-thingies.” He’s an RN and I should probably know what those are called!

The parties were both perfect, and I took almost one thousand pictures over the weekend. I’ll be sharing some of those with you this week, but don’t worry, not the whole thousand.

Let’s start with an overview of Abby’s princess tea party. This was the first party I’ve ever thrown specifically for Abby and her friends. Her other birthday parties involved mostly family members and our adult friends. Since now her friends are more important to her, and can actually feed themselves, I thought it was a good time to throw a special friend-party for Abby.

My friend Ginette, of Gigi’s Sweet Creations, made the Ruffle Cake, which was gorgeous and delicious. I wholeheartedly recommend her confections! Inspiration found here and here.

My fantastic sister-in-law, Melissa, made the cake pops. Inspiration found here and here. She also made the cute little A you see in the picture frame below. It’s made with pink buttons!

The decorations came from a number of places. Mostly my cupboard and World Market. I’ll share more about the decorations (not pictured) in another post.

I also made Abby a bunting banner with her name on it, which hung behind the food table. It’s now hanging in her room and is oh-so-sweet. It was made from scraps lying around my sewing room–some of her favorites–and I just love how all the little prints and dots go together. 

The tiny bunting banner you see hanging above the cake was originally made for my MIL’s birthday party, and it was in use again at Abby’s tea party.

Of course, no tea party is complete without scones. These mini scones were made by my mom, who also made little mini tea sandwiches for the girls.

I think the biggest challenge in throwing a party for little girls is how to keep them occupied and avoid fights over who gets to play with the tea set. Our girls were between the ages of one and four, and there were seven of them at the party.

We sang songs that required actions, such as “London Bridge is Falling Down,” and “Ring around the Rosy,” and the girls LOVED IT. It was really cute, actually, seeing the one year old toddle around the circle with the bigger girls.

Next, we provided craft paper and stickers and let them go to town for about 15 minutes. All together, the songs and the craft took up about 30 minutes and kept the breakdowns to a minimum. (Put that many little girls together in a room with new toys and lots of sugar, and breakdowns are guaranteed).

I was surprised at how easy the girls were to lead. They were excited about everything. Hey girls, do you want to sing some songs? Yes! Hey girls, do you want to do a craft, quietly, while you sit like little ladies? Yes! It was a shock. You’d think I’m used to throwing boy parties, or something. 😉

My SIL and I also made some of these lace crowns for the party (tutorial from Girl. Inspired.). They were a big hit!

The rest of the party revolved around birthday cake and cake pops. Oh, look! There I am in my Washi Dress! Proof that I was actually at the party.

Happy birthday, Abby-girl! We love you! 

 There you have it. I survived Abby’s birthday weekend with flying colors. Now, to blog about the other party… More party ideas and crafts coming up soon. Have a great weekend! 


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    Gorgeous party and pictures! I totally feel like I was there!! You and Abby both look beautiful! Looking forward to more pictures!!