Prepping for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge

Wow, friends. What an awesome week! I made a shirt that I adore and want to wear every single day; posted my first video to YouTube (How to Shop the LA fabric district); and we had some excellent guest posts here at CailaMade from Katie and Kari. Thank you ladies!!

And I’m REALLY excited about next week because next week blogger/sewing diva Elsie Marley is hosting the Kids Cloths Week Challenge. And because I obviously love and thrive on challenges, I’ve joined this year.

The challenge is to sew for your kids at least one hour every day for seven days. To be honest, that is NOT going to be a problem for me. I LOVE sewing for my kids. Now I just need to define my list and make sure I have all the supplies.

Ooh, I can hardly sleep thinking of it!

I asked Hudson and Abby what they wanted me to make them during KCWC and these are their requests:


  1. A cool shirt
  2. Pajama pants with bandaids all over them (Whaaat??? I’m thinking a stencil and fabric paint?)
  3. A hat
  1. “Make a pretty dress me, mommy?”
And that’s all Abby asked for. I think she needs a pair of pants and some skirts, but apparently I also need to throw a pretty dress in there. No problem, honey! Hudson’s also stretching me a bit with those bandaid pajama pants. I think it’s done something to my kids that their dad is an ICU nurse. They are a bit obsessed with bandaids. ย 
And that hat Hudson wants might be tricky. I’ll keep you posted!
In the meantime, here are a few pictures of my labor of love (for myself) from yesterday. I hope to be wearing this little number to church on Sunday. Should make a change from the other TWO outfits I have for church that I rotate and hope no one will notice. I still need to add the binding to the arms and neckline, cut the cotton skirt and attach it to the top. ย The top is from Alabama Chanin’s fitted top pattern (of course.) Now that I’ve discovered her, how will I ever stop sewing AC clothes for myself???

Have I mentioned yet that I LOVE HAND SEWING? Gosh, who knew it could be so soothing? I take my projects everywhere with me now. Hudson’s gymnastics, bible study, out to the hot tub while Brian and the kids take a warm dip. I forgot to take it to the park yesterday and then didn’t know what to do with myself while the kids played. Sheesh, I’m addicted.

I’ll post pics when the dress is done. Hopefully it will be as beautiful as I imagine it will be in my head!
Thanks for reading such an eclectic post, friends. Have a wonderful weekend!


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    Caila, I love sewing by hand! When I was in my twenties I made the cutest smock jacket by hand. I loved it and can’t believe I ever gave it away! It would be adorable even today. I also noticed that when I sew by hand I do not make mistakes because I am not rushing myself. Can’t wait to see your dress on Sunday!

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    Friend!! I love the dress you are working on! The fabric is beautiful!! I have a TON of projects I need to get to work on. Maybe we could set up a time to sew together?

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    Oh my goodness that dress is A-DOR-A-BLE!!! In short, I want it. All the best colors in the world exist in it, and you have put them together beautifully yay!

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    That is such a great idea!! It’s never really occurred to me to hand sew things but I would love to hand sew things while we are at the park. I’m definitely going to try that soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Thanks Upsatemamma! I know, I never even considered such a thing until I started sewing by hand. It opens up a whole world of possibilities!

      Thanks for commenting! ๐Ÿ™‚